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New playground at Buxton Foreshore Park

Buxton Foreshore Park
Some of the great new play facilities at Buxton Foreshore Park.

Eighteen months’ work at the Buxton Foreshore Park has culminated in an exciting new playground for residents and visitors.

The playground features a double swing, slippery slides, see-saw, surfboard rocker and modified treehouse unit.

A cute “corner store” for young play and interactive noughts and crosses are two other features that are sure to delight children coming to the Buxton Foreshore Park.

The playground is also covered by a shade so it can be used in all weather.

Major work completed at the park includes re-roofing and painting of the toilet block, renovated shelter sheds and garden edging.

Playground caters for a range of ages

Branch Manager for Parks, Sport and Natural Areas, Geordie Lascelles, said the new playground at Buxton Foreshore Park caters for a range of ages to encourage active play.

“Playgrounds are recognised as important spaces for children to develop self-confidence, well-being, co-ordination and orientation skills,” Geordie said.

“Children learn through play, so when our team are selecting playgrounds we take into consideration that playgrounds are key outdoor learning environments.

“Activities like climbing build body awareness and encourage flexible thinking, swings help with balance, playing on overhead equipment builds fine and gross motor skills, balance and judgment.”

The new playground at Buxton Foreshore Park also gives children lots of opportunities for children to engage in free play.”

Find your nearest park on the Discover website

Families can find out which parks have playgrounds by using Park Finder on the Council’s Discover website.

Head to the website, click on “Park Finder”, select the filter icon, choose playgrounds as a filter and a map will pinpoint the playground locations.

“You can then read further information about the Park including other facilities such as barbecues, walking paths and how to access the park.

“With 130 playgrounds across the region families have a range of recreational opportunities to choose from.”

Buxton Foreshore Park
Some of the fun features at the new playground at Buxton Foreshore Park

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