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Grab-and-go craft beer at The Brewhouse

The Brewhouse
Head brewer Andrew Clark at The Brewhouse bottle shop on Tantitha Street.

The Brewhouse on Tantitha Street has been transformed into a bottle shop in a bid to keep business going during the Coronavirus restrictions.

CEO Jack Milbank said the CBD brewery was supplying its whole product line in an easy-to-access bottle shop- and the best part? You don't even have to get out of your car when you make a purchase.

“Located at our brewery on Tanitha Street, we have a huge product range on offer from all of our most-loved craft beers in two litre growlers, 500ml cans and more,” he said.

“All that our customers have to do is either come into the shop or order online.

The Brewhouse
Stock up on all of your favourite craft beer at The Brewhouse bottle shop.

“If you order on our website, you can park at the front of the shop and we will put your purchases in your car- there doesn't have to be any interaction involved.”

Jack said the transformation of his business was inevitable in the current climate and local support was needed to keep his brewery operational.

“During this time we are trying to remain as positive as ever and we are imploring people to shop local,” he said.

“If you buy local beer from our brewery, we will still be here in six month’s time.”

Use the token code “local” to remove shipping costs before you place your order, then head down to The Brewhouse with your order confirmation.

The bottle shop is open from Wednesday to Friday from 3pm to 6pm.

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