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Drainage upgrade will reduce local flooding

drainage upgrade
Upgrades to Bundaberg North drainage will be undertaken soon with the aim to reduce localised flooding.

Bundaberg Regional Council will be undertaking drainage upgrades in Bundaberg North to reduce the impact of localised flooding after heavy rainfall.

The work will start in mid-June at Gavegan, Steuart, Gavin, Wolca and Perry Streets, with a detention basin also planned for the area.

Roads and drainage portfolio spokesman Cr Bill Trevor said the project, partly funded by Works For Queensland, was in response to community feedback.

“Council had received feedback from residents in the Bundaberg North area regarding localised flooding of properties and ponding of water in backyards for extended periods of time after heavy rainfall,” he said.

Bundaberg North
The Bundaberg North drainage works distribution area.

“The issues were triggered as a high priority for investigation through Council’s prioritisation framework and a drainage study was undertaken to understand and model the existing drainage issue.

“This project will allow for appropriate drainage measures to reduce the extent and severity of flooding following large rainfall events.”

Divisional representative Cr Tracey McPhee said the works were identified and budgeted for by the previous council, with an original start date of May 2020.

“The drainage issues are currently impacting more than 25 properties and I’m thrilled that council are running so close to the original schedule,” she said.

“I’ve spoken with several residents in the area and I know everyone will be very pleased that work is almost under way.

“Council has worked hard to put plans in place and I would like to thank our fantastic team for prioritising this project and providing improvements for the Bundaberg North community.”

The ongoing project is scheduled for completion in 18 weeks.



  1. That’s fantastic news for North Bundaberg, I know what it’s like to have to drive through pooled water etc…I live at Moore Park Beach and it would be a dream come true to have flood mitigation for the only road in & out of MPB. when it rains heavily even for an hour or have flash floods that cannot be driven through.

  2. I think some local flooding in suburbia could be reduced by more regular removal of sand and debris build-up in the stormwater drains. For some reason, this does not seem to be a BRC priority. Some drains, particularly the one behind the TAFE College used to get clogged from people dumping palm fronds into it.

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