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Bundaberg drumMUSTER returns after break

IMPACT Community Services
Tony Norton, IMPACT Material Recovery Facility staff supported employee, with some of the drums collected as part of DrumMUSTER.

The environmental program DrumMUSTER is up and running again in the Bundaberg Region after a break due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Impact's Material Recovery Facility on University Drive operates “drum muster” for the region's farmers, where they collect bins used for agricultural chemicals, and process them to be recycled into usable products.

The drumMUSTER program is made possible thanks to Federal Government funding to support the agricultural and recycling industries.

Impact’s social enterprise manager Robert Henderson said farmers needed to make sure the containers had been triple washed for collection to guarantee safety for all involved.

He said the drumMUSTER program was always popular.

“It had been on hold as a result of coronavirus restrictions but has started back up again since regulations have been relaxed,” he said.

“It's good for the environment but also great for the farmer.

“The farmer doesn't have to go to the trouble of organising the container disposal and doesn't incur the cost from local council which, in some cases, can be quite expensive.

“The other important advantage is that the work benefits Impact’s supported employees at the MRF.”

Impact employs more than 20 workers with disabilities, including Tony North, who previously went out regularly to collect the bins.

“It’s a good day out, getting away from the site for a bit,” Tony said.

He makes sure that the farmers have thoroughly cleaned the drums, otherwise they aren’t able to take them.

The MRF currently collects three times a week, and the containers are then baled and sold to be reconstituted into new products.

Drums can be taken directly to the facility at 78 University Drive, Bundaberg.

If anyone has more than 250 containers they should call 4155 3411 and arrange for them to be picked up.