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Be Active Be Alive offers free fitness fun

The Bundaberg Regional Council’s Be Active, Be Alive program is underway,
The Bundaberg Regional Council’s Be Active, Be Alive program is underway, providing weeks of fun-filled water-based activities to partake in throughout the region.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s Be Active, Be Alive program is underway, providing free and fun-filled park and water-based activities throughout the region.

The park programs has already started and a range of water related activities will launch across the region soon, including water aerobics.

Over the past four weeks fitness instructor and yoga teacher Shelley Lobartolo has run yoga and mindfulness activities for the community.

She said the Be Active Be Alive program was a great opportunity to improve health and fitness, but also provided social interaction and fun.

“I teach a yoga class and given that the demographic is mainly mature people, we focus on a beginner class with slow stretching and movements.”

“In my other class I adapt things and give some more options based upon their abilities.

“We keep it simple and there’s no weights just really functional movements that get the heart rate up and then a bit of core work as well as maintaining movement and keeping active.”

Initiated by Bundaberg Regional Council in 2012, the free parks and pools program invites local fitness instructors to provide activities in an open environment thereby delivering an inclusive mix of activities across the region's parks, pools and open spaces.

Having taken part in the Be Active, Be Alive program at the start of the year Shelley said it was particularly important for people to bounce back from a slump in fitness that was understandably caused by COVID lockdown earlier in the year.

“I got involved in the last round in February January, which shut down just as COVID began,” she said.

“Being active is so important for mind, body and soul. Even I struggled through COVID not knowing what to do with myself because I’ve always had those resources and places to go, but interaction is such an important part of staying active too and there’s only so much you can do alone.”

“Given our beautiful location, its fantastic to be able to utilise these places and gather everyone together and get active.”

The Be Active, Be Alive activity program.
The Be Active, Be Alive activity program. Pool fees apply to water based activities.

Bundaberg Regional Council Sports and Recreation Portfolio spokesperson Councillor Vince Habermann encouraged residents to try out the remainder of the activities.

“With such a large variety of group fitness classes, there's so many ways to build strength, increase your cardio fitness and help relax and ease your mind.”

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to visit some of Bundaberg’s pools and parks while also doing something positive for your body and mind.” 

“This initiative builds on council’s commitment to supporting an active and vibrant community and encouraging people to stay physically and mentally healthy.”

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