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Buxton Blue Gum to be replaced by native trees

Buxton Blue Gum
A Blue Gum tree at the Buxton boat ramp will be removed as it is posing a public safety risk.

A large Blue Gum tree in Buxton has recently died but its impact on the foreshore will not be lost with several native trees to be planted in its place.

The Buxton Blue Gum is believed to be more than 200 years old and is located on Wharf Street, close to a popular boat ramp.

Bundaberg Regional Council environment portfolio spokesperson Cr Wayne Honor said its location and the potential risk to the community had necessitated its immediate removal.

“A Council arborist has inspected the tree and confirmed that it is dead,” Cr Honor said.

“The boat ramp and sealed carpark area are very popular locations for visitors and residents so this dead tree poses an unacceptable public safety risk.”

Cr Honor said this very large and very old Buxton Blue Gum tree had been a part of the foreshore landscape for decades and Council would ensure its loss was not felt by the community by ensuring replacement trees were planted.

“To offset the loss of this tree Council staff will plant several replacement trees in a nearby park.”

During the inspection which identified the deterioration of the tree, Council’s arborist noted two other dead trees in the riverside park area which did not pose a safety risk and three trees which required the removal of some dead branches.

“Our parks and gardens team is monitoring the health of trees in the area to maintain public safety and support tree health wherever possible.

“During this particular inspection the arborist also noticed a stressed tree which may benefit from mulching and its health will be monitored on an ongoing basis.”

The Buxton Blue Gum will be removed prior to the Easter long weekend.

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