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Council goes digital to improve customer service

Council digital service
New digital forms are replacing hardcopy applications in a bid to streamline administration and deliver efficiencies to customers.

From using mobile devices in the field to lodging forms online, Bundaberg Regional Council’s water services team is introducing digital innovations to improve customer service and increase efficiencies.

The new online forms are replacing hardcopy applications in a bid to streamline administration and deliver efficiencies to customers.

Water and Wastewater Services portfolio spokesperson Cr Jason Bartels said applications such as the Notice to Service Provider forms could be completed easily, with drop down menus and text boxes featured to make for a quick and simple process.

“This will enable the existing hardcopy multipurpose form to be replaced with a more user friendly and customised application form to suit the applicant/customer and identify the proposed future use of the property/development.

“This format can be applied for anyone within the community wishing to connect to, disconnect from, or alter Council’s water and sewer infrastructure.”

Council's tablet technology used on site

Cr Bartels said residents may notice Council staff utilising iPads and other devices around properties as part of the changes.

“If residents spot Council staff with devices outside their property, please don't be alarmed,” he said.

“Staff have begun using tablets in the field to lodge reports on the spot.

“It means they can move straight on to the next job without having to head back to the office to input the information, which overall is a huge time saver.”

Mayor Jack Dempsey said Council's move to digital was about improved customer service as well as the goal to eventually working towards offering completely paperless processes.

“We hope customers enjoy the extended customer service, giving them 24/7 access at the convenience of working from home or their own workplace,” he said.

“By going paperless not only are we helping our customers, but we are also helping the environment.

“Council has made a commitment to providing a friendly, respectful and proactive delivery that is consistent with our objectives to be sustainable, ethical and accountable to our community and the world around us.”

For those who do not have access to electronic devices, all of Council’s service centre front counter computers are available to use.

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