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Mon Repos carpark designed with environment in mind

Mon Repos car park
The Mon Repos carpark has recently been upgraded.

Glow in the dark turtles will illuminate the pathways of Mon Repos at night providing visitors a unique and safe way to navigate the low-light area.

The design is part of the recently completed upgrades to the Mon Repos carpark, with many artistic and environmentally conscious features combined to create a “sense of place” at the popular tourism spot.

Known as a resting and nesting space for sea turtles, the Mon Repos carpark was recently highlighted for an upgrade to bring the area up to safety and environmental standards through a modernised design.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said a dedicated team at Bundaberg Regional Council had worked hard to transform the area into a space that would benefit visitors, turtles and the surrounding natural elements.

“There have been plenty of amazing and innovative ideas that have come to fruition thanks to the team's passion for this project,” he said.

“As part of these works, an entry statement has been featured as visitors first drive into the carpark.

“They will notice a bright blue stamped turtle design on the road symbolising the beginning of our turtle sanctuary.

“Two flat asphalt roundabouts have also been created with the most easterly roundabout featuring similar design of stamped marine life to signify the space as a turtle sensitive area.

Mon Repos car park
Mayor Jack Dempsey at the updated Mon Repos carpark.

“These flat surfaces have been created in such a way that there are no trip hazards in the low-glow carpark.”

Mayor Dempsey said as part of an ongoing initiative to protect the turtles and their natural habitat, the carpark created very little light pollution within the new design.

“It's about creating as little amount of artificial light as humanely possible, but in a safe way,” he said.

“That's why, when exploring Mon Repos at night, you will see neon green turtles glowing along the pathways to help you navigate through the park.

“There are smaller turtles situated along the path with larger turtles placed at every turning point or stop.”

The car park has also experienced a major change to its layout, with buses and caravans provided parking in a separate space to smaller vehicles such as cars and motorbikes.

“Council has also taken away much of the existing asphalt and replaced it with a large, grassed area to catch runoff instead of it ending up in the ocean,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“Not only does this new layout benefit the environment but it is also safer for visitors when crossing the road or walking from their vehicles to the beach.”

Glow-in-the-dark turtles help visitors navigate the pathways at night.

Turtle Sands Camping and Holiday Park is situated in the vicinity of the upgrade with manager Ben Baker stating the work had greatly transformed the area.

“It's absolutely fantastic,” he said.

“The upgrade has definitely brightened up the area and turned it into what it should be – the premier destination of our turtles.

“The pathways are fantastic, the new fencing that is currently going in is superb – it all just adds another great feature to Mon Repos.”

Public artwork to feature in Mon Repos carpark

As part of the second stage of the carpark upgrade, Mayor Dempsey said Council had plans to introduce public art along the pathways and fenced areas.

“Mon Repos is such a special place and what better way to showcase our love of turtles than through public art created by our community,” he said.

“This project is about improving environmental outcomes and celebrating the home of our beautiful sea turtles by providing a wonderful space for them and for our visitors to enjoy.”

The carpark redesign project was funded through the State Government's Transport and Tourism Connections Program.



  1. Looks good are there going to stand alone bays for wheelchair vans to load and unload for just these vehicles to use and is there any chance to stop people angle parking in the parallel spot near rivers permit or not these actions stops the people who need them for their community access a education program might help it’s a bit unfair for the ones who need it the ball is in your court mr dempsey??

  2. Does the council have a record of how many fewer visitors have been to the centre since the millions have been wasted on the White Elephant?

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