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Hannah Rose Hair expands to revamp Norville building

The exterior of the new Hannah Rose Hair Salon. Photo credit: Cassandra Kirk Photography

Since opening Hannah Rose Hair four years ago, Hannah Watson has always had a vision for her dream salon and she recently turned this dream into a reality at her new Norville business.

Hannah purchased the property at 96 Walker Street in late May which has given her the opportunity to expand to eight stations and increase car parking.

Flower wall and chair at Hannah Rose Hair. Photo Credit: Cassandra Kirk Photography

The new Norville space has been transformed into a fresh salon featuring chic décor, a handmade flower wall and neon signage.

Hannah said she always had an idea of what she wanted her salon to look like and was thrilled with the results of the new premise.

“I had a vision of what I wanted in a salon, so I decided to bring this vision to fruition and buy my own space to make it exactly what I wanted,” Hannah said.

“Some of the key features include the flower wall and swing which will be used for our after photos.

“I made the wall myself which took about 14 hours of placing individual flowers to complete the wall.

Hannah Rose Hair
The team at Hannah Rose Hair. Image Credit: Cassandra Kirk Photography

“We wanted something that was unique and made us stand out.”

Hannah said she had to think outside the box to make the space work and bring her dream to life.

While the salon has moved to a brand new space Hannah said her team would still continue to provide the high quality service that they had always done.

“We hope to give our clients the best salon experience that we can and provide a more up-market style offering in Bundaberg,” she said.

There are still many plans for the future of the business, with Hannah constantly planning in the background.

“I do have something exciting that I’m planning but will take a bit more time for it to get it where it needs to be,” she said.

You can find the new Hannah Rose Hair Salon at 96 Walker Street Norville.

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