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Cycling treble a success for junior riders

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Bundaberg’s triple gold medalist at the Queensland Junior Road Cycling Championships, Nathan Lawley (centre) with Silver Medalist Sebastian Urry (left) and bronze medalist Ralph Mullins.

DAY 3:

Seven riders, including new hometown hero Nathan Lawley, completed the Criterium, Road Race and Time Trial treble at the 2021 Queensland Junior Road Cycling Championships hosted by the Bundaberg Cycling Club over the weekend.

The Time Trials were contested over a course at Birthamba-Koolboo Road South Kolan on Sunday, and Nathan racked up the Under-9 Male clean sweep after his Criterium victory on Friday and Road Race triumph on Saturday, clocking the fastest Time Trial with 3:57.71, over 11 seconds better than runner-up Sebastian Urry, of the Balmoral Club.

Another Bundaberg young gun, Ralph Mullins, picked up his second Bronze Medal for the meeting in the same event with his 4:12.96 after having finished third in the Criterium and fourth in the Road Race.

The other riders to achieve a hat-trick of titles were Gold Coast quintet of Noah Blannin (U17 Male), Alex Hewes (U15 Male), Amelie Sanders (U15 Female), Reilly Dickinson (U11 Male), and Lauren Rossiter (U9 Female), and Townsville’s Siena Goulding in U11 Female.

Balmoral’s Eliza Carnes finished with a medal of each colour in the U17 Female category, powering to Gold in the Time Trial after taking Silver in the Criterium and Bronze in the Road Race.

Another Gold Coast rising star, Lucas Soegaard, was chasing a three-peat in U13 Male, after beating all comers in the Criterium and Road Race, but he was pipped by a mere 2.04 seconds by clubmate Michael Rossiter, who had picked up Silver behind him the previous two days.

Bundaberg had a strong representation at championships, including (back from left) siblings Archie and Matilda Pratt and Harriet Mullins and her siblings (middle row) Beatrice and Ralph, who each claimed two medals at the titles, and their two-year brother Bert (front).

Chloe Buckley, of Cairns, who had kicked off with Criterium Gold but had to play second fiddle to Ava Robbins (Balmoral) in the Road Race, returned to the top of the podium in the Time Trial, turning the tables on Ava, who clinched her second Silver.

Bundaberg had one other Medalist in the Junior Time Trials, one of Ralph Mullins’ elder sisters, Beatrice, who snared Bronze in U11 Female, to go with her Criterium Silver and fourth placing in the Road Race.

Bundaberg was also well represented in Round 4 of the 2021 AusCycling Queensland Individual Time Trial Series also at South Kolan on Sunday, headed by Coral Isle Club duo Michael Urquhart and Sean Livingstone, who won the B Grade Men’s event and finished third in C Grade respectively.

Lachlan Miller, of the University of Queensland, claimed A Grade Men’s honours, while interstate riders fought out the A Grade Women’s event, with Anya Louw, of Mersey Valley Devenport, edging out Rachael Wales (South Perth Rouleurs) by less than eight seconds.


Queensland Junior Road Championships – Time Trials:

Under-17 Male: 1 Noah Blannin (Gold Coast) 21:20.71, 2 Thomas Loadsman (Balmoral) 21:42.70, 3 Jarlath Whittaker (Balmoral) 21:51.98.

Under-17 Female: 1 Eliza Carnes (Balmoral) 24:23.24, 2 Akala Keeble (Gold Coast) 24:40.93, 3 Georgia Wilson (Balmoral) 24:49.90.

Under-15 Male: 1 Alex Hewes (Gold Coast) 14:23.21, 2 Ethan Lang (Hamilton Wheelers) 14:58.79, 3 Ewan Landman (Norwood) 15:15.40.

Under-15 Female: 1 Amelie Sanders (Gold Coast) 16:20.58, 2 Megan Moore (Balmoral) 16:26.27, 3 Eden Sealey-Cunnington (Gold Coast) 16:44.85.

Under-13 Male: 1 Michael Rossiter (Gold Coast) 12:42.06, 2 Lucas Soegaard (Gold Coast) 12:44.10, 3 Oscar Schoff (Fraser Coast) 13:50.84.

Under-13 Female: 1 Chloe Buckley (Cairns) 13:39.90, 2 Ava Robbins (Balmoral) 13:45.05, 3 Isabella Potts (Balmoral) 13:55.73.

Under-11 Male: 1 Reilly Dickinson (Gold Coast) 7:00.03, 2 Max Hilditch (Balmoral) 7:08.35, 3 Cooper Shevlin (Gold Coast) 7:32.49.

Under-11 Female: 1 Siena Goulding (Townsville) 7:10.74, 2 Anice Unthank (Balmoral) 8:13.20, 3 Beatrice Mullins (Bundaberg) 8:49.93.

Under-9 Male: 1 Nathan Lawley (Bundaberg) 3:57.71, 2 Sebastian Urry (Balmoral) 4:11.04, 3 Ralph Mullins (Bundaberg) 4:12.96.

Under-9 Female: 1 Lauren Rossiter (Gold Coast) 3:45.63, 2 Georgia Dowling (Hamilton Wheelers) 4:14.40, 3 Adele Dickson (Gold Coast) 4:15.23.

2021 AusCycling Queensland Individual Time Trial Series Round 4:

A Grade Men: 1 Lachlan Miller (University of Queensland) 23:38.63, 2 Oli Stenning (Sunshine Coast) 24:25.43, 3 Alex Bogna (Mackay) 25:47.99.

B Grade Men: 1 Michael Urquhart (Coral Isle) 25:02.11, 2 Matson McAdam (Balmoral) 25:21.67, 3 Kalvin Bartlett (Balmoral) 25:53.39.

C Grade Men: 1 Dan Kellahan (Fraser Coast) 26:01.33, 2 Jason Gregg (Ipswich) 26:44.61, 3 Sean Livingstone (Coral Isle) 26:55.78.

D Grade Men: 1 Nicholas Rogers (Murwillumbah) 28:01.02, 2 John Pearson (Hamilton Wheelers) 28:59.79, 3 Mark Fielding (Sunshine Coast) 30:43.55.

Age Based Standard Results – Masters Men: 1 Robert Partington (Darling Downs) 21:24.57, 2 Nicholas Rogers (Murwillumbah) 21:39.49, 3 Kalvin Bartlett (Balmoral) 22:08.77.

A Grade Women: 1 Anya Louw (Mersey Valley Devenport) 27:04.17, 2 Rachael Wales (South Perth Rouleurs) 27:11.92, 3 Maddison Taylor (University of Queensland) 27:14.32.

B Grade Women: 1 Anne Elliott (Darling Downs) 28:26.88, 2 Stephanie Leech (Scody Racing p/b Balmoral) 29:38.28.

C Grade Women: 1 Julie Rappo (Redlands) 30:57.34, 2 Amy Fallon (Fraser Coast) 31:58.24, 3 Marion Kahler (Sunshine Coast) 34:07.06.

D Grade Women: 1 Kirstin Leech (Moreton Bay) 30:12.06, 2 Caitlin Leach (Gold Coast) 30:51.96, 3 Clare Johnston (Gold Coast) 32:41.77.

Age Based Standard Results – Masters Women: 1 Anne Elliott (Darling Downs) 23:36.93, 2 Julie Rappo (Redlands) 24:46.93, 3 Clare Johnston (Gold Coast) 24:55.94.

Para Athletes: 1 Kyle Willis (Moreton Bay) Elapsed 27:41.03, Factored 24:29.94; 2 Nathan Glarvey (Balmoral) Elapsed 28:49.83, Factored 28:49.83.


Bundaberg’s Nathan Lawley claimed his second Gold Medal at the Queensland Junior Road Cycling Championships yesterday, winning the Under-9 Male Road Race.

Eight riders, including Bundaberg’s Nathan Lawley, added the Road Race to their Criterium victories at the Queensland Junior Road Cycling Championships in Bundaberg yesterday.

The Under-13, 11 and 9 Road Races were contested at the Bundaberg Botanical Gardens yesterday morning, with the Under-17 and 15 divisions at South Kolan in the afternoon.

Nathan backed up his Criterium title on Friday afternoon to again lead the charge in the Under-9 Male division over 8km, crossing the line clear of Judd Larkins (Balmoral), with another Balmoral representative Sebastian Urry in third place, in advance of another Bundaberg young gun Ralph Mullins, who had taken Bronze in the Criterium.

Nathan was the home-town’s only Medalist on the Day.

The Balmoral club had clinched the U17 Female Criterium trifecta, but the 64km Road Race was taken out by Hamilton Wheelers’ Quinn Findlay with a power packed performance in 1:55.03, from Akala Keeble (Gold Coast), and Criterium Silver Medalist Eliza Carnes.

Gold Coast was the most successful club on the day, producing six champions – the same number as in the Criterium – with one each to Bundaberg, Hamilton Wheelers, Balmoral, and Townsville.

Noah Blannin, of Gold Coast, completed the Blue Riband U17 Male double, winning a bunch sprint to the line at the end of a tough 64km course in a time of 1:44.08, with Thomas Loadsman (Balmoral) and Harry Schoff (Fraser Coast) picking up their second Silver and Bronze medals respectively.

The other riders to grab their second Gold for the championships were Gold Coast five-some Alex Hewes (U15 Male), Amelie Sanders (U15 Female), Lucas Soegaard (U13 Male), Reilly Dickson (U11 Male), and Lauren Rossiter (U9 Female), and Townsville’s Siena Goulding (U11 Female)

Ava Robbins triumphed for Balmoral, turning the tables on her Criterium conqueror Chloe Buckley (Cairns) in the U13 Female event.

Harry Schoff’s younger brother Oscar also secured his second Bronze medal for the weekend, in the U13 Male division.

The championships conclude today with the Time Trial phase, also at South Kolan from 7am.

Thomas Loadsman, Noah Blannin and Harry Schoff powered to their second Silver, Gold and Bronze respectively at the titles in the Under-17 Male category.


U17 Male 64km: 1 Noah Blannin (Gold Coast) 1:44.08, 2 Thomas Loadsman (Balmoral), 3 Harry Schoff (Fraser Coast).

U17 Female 64km: 1 Quinn Findlay (Hamilton Wheelers) 1:55.03, 2 Akala Keeble (Gold Coast), 3 Eliza Carnes (Balmoral).

U15 Male 40lm: 1 Alex Hewes (Gold Coast) 1:12.11, 2 Ethan Long (Hamilton Wheelers), 3 Samuel Hilditch (Balmoral).

U15 Female 40km: 1 Amelie Sanders (Gold Coast) 1.14:12, 2 Megan Moore (Balmoral), 3 Alexandra Larsson (Hamilton Wheelers).

U13 Male: 1 Lucas Soegaard (Gold Coast) 32:03, 2 Michael Rossiter (Gold Coast), 3 Oscar Schoff (Fraser Coast).

U13 Female: 1 Ava Robbins (Balmoral) 38:09, 2 Chloe Buckley (Cairns), 3 Isabella Potts (Balmoral).

U11 Male 8km: 1 Reilly Dickson (Gold Coast) 14:11, 2 Max Hilditch (Balmoral), 3 Oscar Brelsford (Balmoral).

U11 Female 8km: 1 Siena Goulding (Townsville) 14:19, 2 Anice Unthank (Balmoral), 3 Maddie Douglas-Savage (Balmoral).

U9 Male 8km: 1 Nathan Lawley (Bundaberg) 15:53, 2 Judd Larkins (Balmoral), 3 Sebastian Urry (Balmoral).

U9 Female 8km: 1 Lauren Rossiter (Gold Coast) 16:48, 2 Adele Dickson (Gold Coast), 3 Georgia Dowling (Hamilton Wheelers).


U17 boys: Noah Blannin crosses the line to win the Under-17 Male Time Trial at the Queensland Junior Championships at the Bundaberg Criterium Park yesterday, with the second and third placegetters Thomas Loadsman and Harry Schoff second and third from the left in the photo.

Gold Coast riders dominated the Time Trial phase of the Queensland Junior Road Cycling Championships at the Bundaberg Criterium Park yesterday (Friday), winning six of the 10 divisions, with competitors from four other clubs claiming one title each, Bundaberg, Townsville, Cairns and Balmoral.

The afternoon program started perfectly for host club Bundaberg with their two representatives in the Under-9 Male category, Nathan Lawley, and Ralph Mullins, grabbing Gold and Bronze respectively.

But Gold Coast clinched three quinellas, with Lauren Rossiter and Adele Dickson in U9 Female, Lucas Soegaard and Michael Rossiter (U13 Male), and Amelie Sanders and Eden Sealey-Cunnington (U15 Female).

Their other champions were headed by Noah Blannin, who powered to victory in the Blue Riband Under-17 Male over 25 minutes plus two laps, in advance of Thomas Loadsman (Balmoral) and Fraser Coast’s Harry Schoff.

Alex Hewes and Reilly Dickinson also triumphed for the Coast in U15 and U11 Male respectively.

Balmoral flexed their muscle in Under-17 Female, with their three riders, Keeley Henderson, Eliza Carnes, and Georgia Wilson completing a club trifecta.

Chloe Buckley, of Cairns, and Siena Goulding (Townsville) flew the flag high for North Queensland with their victories in the U13 and U11 Female divisions respectively.

Harry Schoff’s medal was the second Bronze for his family for the day after his younger brother Oscar also placed third in the Under-13 Male Race.

The championships continue today (Saturday) with the Road Race, at the Botanic Gardens for Under-9, 11 and 13 this morning, and South Kolan for Under-15 and 17 this afternoon.

Under-17 Female Medallists Eliza Carnes (Silver), Keeley Henderson (Gold) and Georgia Wilson (Bronze)


U17 Male: 1 Noah Blannin (Gold Coast), 2 Thomas Loadsman (Balmoral), 3 Harry Schoff (Fraser Coast).

U17 Female: 1 Keeley Henderson (Balmoral), 2 Eliza Carnes (Balmoral), 3 Georgia Wilson (Balmoral).

U15 Male: 1 Alex Hewes (Gold Coast), 2 Ethan Lang (Hamilton Wheelers), 3 Samuel Hilditch (Balmoral).

U15 Female: 1 Amelie Sanders (Gold Coast), 2 Eden Sealey-Cunnington (Gold Coast), 3 Megan Moore (Balmoral).

U13 Male: 1 Lucas Soegaard (Gold Coast), 2 Michael Rossiter (Gold Coast), 3 Oscar Schoff (Fraser Coast).

U13 Female: 1 Chloe Buckley (Cairns), 2 Ava Robbins (Balmoral), 3 Isabella Potts (Balmoral).

U11 Male: 1 Reilly Dickson (Gold Coast), 2 Max Hilditch (Balmoral), 3 Oscar Brelsford (Balmoral).

U11 Female: Siena Goulding (Townsville), 2 Beatrice Mullins, 3 Maddie Douglas-Savage (Balmoral).

U9 Male: 1 Nathan Lawley (Bundaberg), 2 Judd Larkins (Balmoral), 3 Ralph Mullins (Bundaberg).

U9 Female: 1 Lauren Rossiter (Gold Coast), 2 Adele Dickson (Gold Coast), 3 Georgia Dowling (Hamilton).

Councillor Vince Habermann presents the Under-17 Male medals to Thomas Loadsman (Silver), Noah Blannin (Gold) and Harry Schoff (Bronze).

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