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Waste innovation highlighted in upcoming conference

waste innovation conference
Forklift driver Justin Jensen at Oreco. The company source eco-friendly, recycled, natural and sustainable materials to produce their gardens and animal products.

More than 100 of the state's waste industry experts are set to attend a biennial conference highlighting waste practices and innovations at the Bundaberg Multiplex next month.

The Waste and Resource Recovery Queensland (WARRQ) conference is held in different cities every two years, with Bundaberg chosen as the 2021 destination.

This year's Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia event will focus on future-proofing waste and resource recovery in Queensland under the theme “To 2030 and beyond”.

Bundaberg Regional Council's Waste and Recycling portfolio spokesperson Cr Tanya McLoughlin said the conference was one of the biggest events on Queensland's waste industry calendar.

“It is no secret that Bundaberg is doing some really fantastic things in the waste industry,” she said.

“With a full program of speakers and demonstrations from local businesses, this is a fantastic opportunity to get our region on the map.”

The three-day conference will not only delve into state and regional best practice and innovation, it will also highlight current and new policy directions, challenging waste streams and the opportunities they present and the importance of education in long-term planning.

Cr McLoughlin said a “tech tour” would also be part of this year’s event and would feature a range of local businesses who are leading the way in waste innovation.

“Participants will have the opportunity to visit local industries including Superior Pak, Oreco, Green Solutions, Bundaberg Regional Council's waste facilities and Bundaberg Rum,” she said.

“Each business will showcase their own waste practices and how they plan to move forward into the future with the constant changes in the industry.”

waste innovation conference
The Bundaberg Regional Council Cedars Road landfill gas flaring installation.

Included in the tech tour is:

  • Superior Pak, who currently build and supply all Bundaberg Regional Council collection trucks.
  • Bundaberg Regional Landfill which is a fully engineered regional landfill with gas and leachate management.
  • Oreco, who source ecofriendly, recycled, sustainable and natural Australian materials to produce clean, high-quality garden and animal acre products. Oreco are currently taking and processing green waste from Council landfills and using it in their potting mix products.
  • Green Solutions, who use green waste from the region to make compost which is supplied to local farms
  • Bundaberg Rum, who have waste minimisation processes employed by the company which allow them to have a zero waste-to-landfill policy.

The WARRQ conference will be held in Bundaberg from Tuesday , 19 October to Thursday, 21 October.

Program and ticket information can be found here.

waste innovation conference
Greensill Farming Group’s Head of Planning, Infrastructure and Projects Nathan Freeman at the Green Solutions site on Windermere Road.

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