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Create your own healthy flavours with IM Poké

IM Poke
Isaac and Marvin are owners of the new business IM Poke.

Isaac Baldry and Marvin Dellomos are the creators behind new business IM Poké, providing locals with delicious and fresh poké bowls delivered direct each week.

The duo said they had always loved the health benefits and flavours of poké bowls and wanted to share their passion with the community.

“We wanted to create and share something that we both love to Bundaberg locals,” Marvin said.

“We believe that they will love it as well because our poké bowls are made fresh on the day, they are packed with nutrition, and full of different flavours in one bowl.

“We are very motivated to level out the playing field by providing a healthy option.”

Poké, pronounced poh-keh, is a Hawaiian word meaning to cut or slice.

Poké bowls are filled with portions of produce and meat to create a fresh and healthy lunch or dinner alternative.

Isaac said IM Poké offered the option for customers to create their own bowls through an ordering process, which would then be delivered at announced times each week.

“The type of poké bowls we create depend on our customer’s preference,” he said.

“We offer them a selection of their base – white rice and brown rice, protein – chicken, salmon and tofu, and an assortment of greens our customers can choose from.

“Our order times and delivery dates are announced weekly on our Instagram and Facebook page then, we provide a link to an order form that our customers fill out.”

A chicken bowl from IM Poke.

Isaac and Marvin said while they had only started operating their business as of last week, they were already experiencing plenty of support from locals.

“Our current intention is to figure out if there is a market for poké bowls in Bundaberg but with the overwhelming love and support that we have received from the community, we have concluded that there is a definite love for poké bowls here!” the duo said.

Currently operating out of their newly renovated kitchen space, the team said they had future plans to expand the business if all went well.

“Ultimately we intend to open a shop in Bundaberg Central to provide locals with a healthy option through IM Poké,” Marvin said.

You can find out more by following IM Poké on Instagram or Facebook.

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