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New digital café Kimbap and Cupbap launched

Kimbap and cupbao
James Lee with new menu items that will be available through his Kimbap and Cupbap online cafe.

The team from At James's Place is bringing new Korean cuisine to the region as they launch a new digital café with a takeaway and catering service.

Managing director James Lee said traditional Korean cuisine called kimbap and cupbap would now be available through the business.

“Kimbap is Korean sushi with the same principle of being ingredients wrapped in rice and nori (seaweed) but the flavours are very different,” he said.

“Cupbap is a traditional Korean style of takeaway food featuring a cup of rice with Korean marinated meats and sauces, perfect as a grab and go snack for anyone.

“What makes this type of food so great is the taste, the convenience, the heritage, the popularity, and of course that they're from my home country of Korea.”

The cupbab was now available to order through the business's digital café, which is operated on the At James's Place app, Menulog, Doordash and Deliveroo.

James said kimbap was available to purchase via wholesale only, for parties, canteen orders and more.

Kimbap and Cupbap
At James's Place has expanded its menu to include kimbap and cupbap.

“We decided to venture out with the Kimbap and Cupbap digital cafe as it is something which isn't really available in Bundaberg and we believe it could be really popular,” he said.

“So after seeing how the Korean menu At James's Place had done both in store and through online platforms, this was the natural next step in expansion.

“It is just another way of bringing a bit more of my Korean culture here!”

James said he also wanted to offer a catering service to provide a unique option of cuisine for events.

“We also have been contacting local schools as we believe it would be really beneficial for the children to try another cultures food and expand their palate,” he said.

“Plus, most importantly, the dishes are quite healthy making them a great new thing to try without any consequence.”

Kimbap and cupbap
James and Candice Lee with new menu items.

James said kimbap and cupbap were very important parts of K-Culture, something which had been on the rise worldwide.

“This is along with K-Dramas and K-Pop such as BTS, Squid Game and more,” he said.

“We would just like to do our part to help the spread of K-Culture.”

At James's Place is located at 112 George Street, Bundaberg.

Find out more about their online ordering here.



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