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Bucking Bull opens in Hinkler food court

bucking bull hinkler
The new Bucking Bull store in Hinkler Central.

Bucking Bull has opened in Hinkler Central, serving up everyone’s favourite roasts as well as options for both breakfast and lunch.

Whether slow-roasted or straight from the grill, the store's menu is full of meaty goodness.

Bucking Bull’s support manager Tammie Green said the store had been busy since opening earlier this week, and she looked forward to seeing the restaurant continue this way.

“Business has been great since we opened, and the community feedback has been fantastic with many people happy to have us here as there is nothing like this in town,” Tammie said.

“Bucking Bull originated about 20 years ago, first starting in Western Australia as a roast and grill place serving many different food items, from sandwiches and toasties to fish and chips.”

The new store has provided 10 new jobs, with Tammie excited to see the career opportunities continue for those employed.

“I started as a staff member and have worked my way up, and we look forward to seeing others who have started in the Bundaberg store continue on a similar path if that is what interests them,” she said.

The store is now open in the Hinkler Central Food Court.

About Bucking Bull

Bucking Bull works with some of the country’s leading suppliers to find the nation’s finest beef, pork and lamb products.

It sources premium grass fed beef from southern Victoria, pork from the Riverina Region in southern New South Wales and Victoria and lamb from southern NSW and Victoria.

The menu includes a range of items from breakfast favourites right through to Mexican spuds and roast sandwiches.

The restaurant also provides catering packages.