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Discover more about zoo animals

zoo keeper talks
Free keeper talks will bee held at the Alexandra Park Zoo these school holidays, with the chance to discover more about the animals.

These school holidays you can discover more about the wonderful animals that call Alexandra Park Zoo home by attending free keeper talks.

Alexandra Park Zoo supervisor Kate Beskeen said the Bundaberg zoo featured some amazing creatures including the cheeky cotton-top tamarins, coastal carpet pythons, dingos and much more.

She said the free keeper talks would be a great opportunity for families to find out a bit more about the animals, like Crunchy the spotted-tailed quoll, while enjoying the rest of the Alexandra Park surrounds.

“All of the quoll species in Australia are endangered,” she said.

“They require a well-forested area, so things like hollow logs are included in Crunchy's enclosure.”

Crunchy was first introduced to Alexandra Park Zoo in 2019 after making the move from Devils @ Cradle, a wildlife conservation facility at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.

This year he celebrated his fourth birthday.

Alexandra Park Zoo's new quoll has officially been named Crunchy
Alexandra Park Zoo's new quoll has officially been named Crunchy

Crunchy has become quite a popular character and, according to zoo staff, is inquisitive, bold and cheeky.

Quolls are considered unique as they are the largest carnivorous mammal on Australia’s mainland and although they may look cute and furry, they have one of the strongest set of jaws.

Find out more about Crunchy and the rest of the zoo animals by attending the free keeper talks during the school holidays.

Session times can be found here.

Alexandra Park Zoo is a fully accredited zoo with the Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA), providing positive welfare conditions and supporting conservation and community education.

Opening hours for the school holidays will be 9.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Sunday.

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