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Alexandra Park Zoo animals thriving

Zoo accreditation
A lace monitor at Alexandra Park Zoo, enjoying the sun as he climbs up on a nearby branch.

Alexandra Park Zoo has recently been awarded Zoo and Aquarium Association Accreditation, which highlights the positive welfare experienced by its inhabitants.

As a peak body, the Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) represents the collective voice of the zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries and wildlife parks across Australasia.

Accreditation involves a thorough process where zoos must provide compelling evidence on their operations, policies and the actual experiences of their animals.

The ZAA Accreditation Program asks the question, is the animal having a fulfilling life?

This assessment goes beyond the minimum legal government requirements placed on zoos and aquariums, using the Five Domains Model to reach a higher standard and continuously support positive animal welfare.

Each zoo must provide evidence to ZAA against set criteria, including each animals' nutrition, environment, health, behaviour and their mental wellbeing.

Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey congratulated Alexandra Park Zoo staff on the accreditation success.

“Gaining accreditation means our wonderful zoo animals are quite literally living their best lives at Alexandra Park Zoo,” he said.

“By providing them with food and experiences that they would normally come across in the wild, staff are creating the perfect space for each species to exhibit their natural behaviours and thrive in which, in turn, creates positive animal welfare.”

ZAA accreditation is assessed every three years.

Zoo accreditation
George the Sulphur crested cockatoo chewing on a native seed (this meets nutrition requirements/physical health/allows for him to exhibit his natural behaviour.

About Alexandra Park Zoo

Alexandra Park Zoo is home to a variety of animals, including frogs, cotton-top Tamarin monkeys, dingoes, a quoll, native bees and much more.

The zoo was established in 1911 and is one of Queensland’s oldest continuously running zoological facilities.

Located at 29 Quay Street, Alexandra Park Zoo is free to visit and is open Wednesday to Sunday from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. 

Find out more here.

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