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Black Spot Program accelerates safety works

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The Avoca and Duffy Streets intersection is one of four in the region to receive Australian Government Black Spot Program funding.

Improvement works at four locations throughout the region have been accelerated after submissions made by Bundaberg Regional Council were approved under the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program.

Successful applications included two locations along Birthamba Road in Bucca and South Kolan, the intersection of Avoca and Duffy Streets in Millbank and the intersection of Avoca, Hope and Grimwood Streets in Bundaberg West.

The works will be fully funded by the Australian Government through the 2022-23 Black Spot Program.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said he was thrilled to learn that so many of Council’s applications had proven successful.

“The Black Spot Program specifically addresses roads and locations with a crash history or a risk of a crash occurring,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“Council has thousands of kilometres of road and hundreds of intersections to maintain.

“Securing this funding means we can bring these important safety improvements forward, demonstrating the importance of collaboration between different levels of Government to deliver essential infrastructure.”

He said the Birthamba Road safety improvements would be a continuation of the works undertaken by Council last year.

Black Spot Program works will include:

Birthamba Road, Bucca, adjacent to 920 Birthamba Road (i.e., Ch 9300 to Ch 9600): Widening the curve of the road and installing a shoulder, line marking, guide posts and chevron alignment markers around the curve. Retroreflective pavement markers will also be installed on the centreline and edge lines throughout the curve.

Birthamba Road, South Kolan, between 315 Birthamba Road and 429 Birthamba Road (i.e., Ch 4000 to Ch 4500): Widening the curve shoulder to one metre and installing line marking, guideposts and retroreflective pavement markers on centreline and edgelines around the curve.

Avoca and Duffy Streets, Millbank: Installing painted chevron medians, pathway and kerb ramps for pedestrian and cyclist connectivity and upgrading and installing signage and lighting.

Avoca and Hope Streets, Bundaberg West: Installing kerb build outs and raised concrete medians on the northern and southern approaches and replacing and installing signage and additional street lighting at the intersection.

Read more about the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program here.

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