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Tips to keep your animals safe in 2023

Tips to keep your animals safe this holiday season

With summer in full swing and more people out enjoying the region, Bundaberg Regional Council has shared some tips to keep your animals safe.

If you’re away from home, it’s especially important to:

  1. Check your fences and gates are secure
  2. Make sure your dog isn’t causing a noise nuisance
  3. Ensure your dog has its registration tag on
  4. Make sure microchip details are up to date
  5. Unless it is an off-leash area, make sure they’re on a leash
    Find more tips and information here.

Where to take your animals:

Your daily walks with your dogs may be longer, and in new locations over a holiday break.

Here are some of the region’s top dog-friendly spots:

  • Archies Beach
  • Rifle Range Beach
  • Moore Park Beach
  • Woodgate Beach
  • Theodolite Creek
    Remember, dogs must remain on leash unless otherwise signed. How to find off leash areas here.

How to be a responsible pet owner:

  • Register and de-sex your cat and/or dog at an early age
  • Ensuring your cat or dog is kept contained to your property at all times
  • Identify your cat or dog with a collar, registration tag and a microchip
  • Provide a balanced diet and clean, fresh water at all times
  • Choose a breed of dog or cat that is suitable to your home and lifestyle
  • Socialise your dog as a young puppy so it feels at ease around people and other animals and teaching it correct behaviour
  • Exercise your dog regularly – always walk your dogs on a leash and under the control of a responsible person while in public places
  • Control dogs if they bark
  • Keep your dog or cat healthy by ensuring that its vaccinations, including parvovirus, are up to date, and that it receives a healthy and balanced diet

For more help on how to keep your animals, community, and visitors safe click here.

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