Feedback needed for Walking Network Plans

walking network plans
Bundaberg Regional Council has secured State Government funding to undertake Walking Network Plans for areas surrounding Friendly Society Private Hospital and Sugarland Plaza

An interactive mapping tool is providing an opportunity for residents to have their say on improving walkability in two Bundaberg areas that are popular with pedestrians.

Bundaberg Regional Council was named among the first of the Queensland Walking Local Government Grants recipients which has funded the development of walking network plans for the Friendly Society Private Hospital and Sugarland Plaza catchment areas.

Each catchment encompasses a two kilometre radius around these key sites as per the Department of Transport and Main Roads Walking Network Planning Guidance.

In addition to consultation sessions with identified stakeholders, the interactive maps allow residents to zoom in on these catchment areas and drop a pin on any location for which they’d like to share a view or idea.

Bundaberg Regional Council Roads and Drainage portfolio spokesperson Cr Bill Trevor said the interactive maps aimed to make it easier for as many residents as possible to have their say.

“We’re committed to working with our community to increase accessibility right across the region,” Cr Trevor said.

“The map allows residents to provide pinpoint accurate feedback about something they love, dislike or have ideas to improve.

“These two locations have a high level of pedestrian activity and, with help from the community, we want to develop a plan that will promote walking and recreation, improve connectivity, health, wellbeing and safety and increase accessibility.”

The Walking Network Plans, when finalised, will include recommendations for improvements which can be considered by Council for future budget allocation.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said funding had been allocated for councils to carry out walking network planning to create more active communities.

“I'm very pleased to see the recipients of the first Queensland Walking Local Government Grants talking to their communities about how to identify and prioritise the infrastructure people need to walk to everyday destinations like public transport, schools and town centres,” Mr Bailey said.

“Whether on foot, moving with the help of a mobility device like a wheelchair, or pushing a pram, walking is an important part of life for everyone.

“We know more people will choose to walk when everyday destinations are connected by comfortable, direct, safe and accessible routes.”

For more information on how you can provide your feedback for the Friendly Society Private Hospital and Sugarland Plaza Walking Network Plans, head to the project page.

Paper copies of the maps are available at Council Service Centres for anyone who does not have access to the online interactive maps.

Feedback via the maps closes on Sunday 26 March 2023.