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Pensioners League celebrates lease extension

Bundaberg Pensioners League
Bundaberg Pensioners League Inc. President Amanda Strrat, Elizabeth Graham and Vickie Christie at the clubhouse in the CBD.

The Bundaberg Pensioners League Inc. will continue to offer a welcoming space for friendship, support and socialisation at its clubhouse in the CBD after a 10 year lease was renewed by Bundaberg Regional Council.

Situated along Post Office Lane in BRAG Park, the group meet daily every Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 12.30 pm.

President Amanda Stirrat said she was thrilled to hear the lease had been renewed for another decade after Council's Ordinary Meeting last week.

“The organisation has such a long history in the region, especially in this space,” she said.

“This building was officially opened on 5 May 1962 but the league has been going on for a lot longer than that.

“It’s a great location because it is very central, so our members can easily have access to us plus the Post Office and many other facilities.”

Amanda said the organisation had begun making some changes to the building, including the installation of 18 solar panels.

“We went through the government rebate initiative – it will take us about four years to make the money back and then it is all an investment,” she said.

“Solar is important for us as it is cost effective and it is also great for the environment.”

Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey congratulated members on their green energy efforts and the renewal of the lease.

“It's fantastic to have wonderful community organisations such as the Bundaberg Pensioners League providing so much support to the community,” he said.

“Council is proud to provide a lease renewal so members can continue to offer support, social services and even just a friendly chat from the CBD location.”

The group, made up of more than 100 members, regularly take part in social outings, games, craft days and more.

“We have lots of activities on offer plus a tea room in which we sell some yummy and cheap treats,” Amanda said.

“People are always welcome to come in and have a chat.

“Our members range in age from 60 to in the 90s and we are always looking for more people to join.

“We also encourage people to bring their grandkids along.”

To find out more about the Bundaberg Pensioners League Inc. call 4151 4373 or visit the Facebook page here.

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