Childers new transfer station open to community


Residents using the Childers Waste Facility will find a new transfer station in place to help increase recycling efforts while enhancing environmental outcomes.

A transfer station is a processing site for the temporary deposition of waste.

Due to the landfill area at the Childers Waste Facility reaching its end of life, Bundaberg Regional Council will utilise this new station to move waste from Childers to the Bundaberg regional landfill, South Bingera.

Waste and Recycling portfolio spokesperson Cr Tanya McLoughlin said the process would provide many benefits.

“If the landfill continued, a weighbridge would need to be constructed at a significant cost to Council and the community,” she said.

“Instead, ratepayers are saving money with the introduction of the new transfer station which will have significantly lower operations costs when compared to a landfill.

“The facility increases recycling awareness and provides a better experience overall to customers, with less dust and mud in the vicinity.”

Once the transfer station opens all general household waste can be placed in a large skip bin on site over the fall protection safety rails.

Large and bulky items, such as household furniture, outdoor play equipment, timber pallets and the like will be placed in a bulk goods stockpile on site.

The new Childers transfer station at the Childers Waste Facility is scheduled to open on Wednesday 26 July.