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Burger Urge set to open at Kepnock

Burger Urge bundaberg Kepnock Town Centre
Burger Urge staff Amy Sundblom and Chris Seguin with franchisee owner Adam Gardiner are looking forward to the expansion to Kepnock Town Centre.

Burger Urge is getting ready to expand to a second Bundaberg Region location at the new Kepnock Town Centre creating 30 new jobs.

The popular burger restaurant first opened in the Bundaberg Region at Sugarland Plaza in 2019 and has since proved popular.

Franchise owner Adam Gardiner said he was looking forward to expanding to the new location at the brand-new Kepnock shopping centre and there would be some exciting new additions.

“It has been a goal of ours to grow in the region,” Adam said.

He said the new Burger Urge would look different to the Sugarland Plaza store.

“We have worked very hard on the design side of it, and we are pretty excited about the end result of the overall look,” Adam said.

“It will still offer everything the same as Sugarland just set in a different theme [and] look. 

“We are also looking to trial a soft serve machine which is completely new to Burger Urge and will be trialled in the Kepnock venue only for a limited time to see if [it’s] decided to use further in other locations.

“By growing to a second location at Kepnock it means we are in a better position to be able to deliver on servicing everyone to our standards.”

Adam said the Burger Urge at Sugarland Plaza currently employed 30 staff and the expansion would boost employment across the Bundaberg Region and offer a further 30 staff positions.

“We are in the process of hiring and have completed 75% of our recruitment for Kepnock, we have a total number of 30 new positions that have been created,” he said.

“From this we have had the opportunity to promote current team members to management roles in both Kepnock and Sugarland and we hope to continue to grow, so further new roles are provided to our existing team while creating new roles. 

“Depending on the opening we could then look to grow this number further.”

Adam said the new Burger Urge was expected to open on 25 October, subject to Kepnock Town Centre being completed.

“We just really want to thank our people, team, that are making this next step with us and our new team coming on board,” he said.

“We are really looking forward to continuing to provide great product, service and atmosphere out of two great-looking locations at Sugarland and Kepnock.”