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Kepnock Town Centre grand opening weeks away

Kepnock Town Centre
The Kepnock Town Centre is nearing completion

The Kepnock Town Centre will host a grand opening next month as the shopping centre, which is the first development of its kind in the area in over a decade, nears completion.

The grand opening will be celebrated at the public event onsite on Saturday 4 November from 9 am to 12 pm.

It's anchored by a full-line Woolworths supermarket and includes BWS, Burger Urge, LiveLife Pharmacy, and The Reject Shop, with more tenants to be announced soon.

When fully leased, it will have 16 specialty retailers, including a mix of convenience, dine-in and takeaway food.

Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey will attend the event to officiate the opening of the Kepnock Town Centre and will be joined by Councillor May Mitchell, Bundaberg MP Tom Smith and Burnett MP Steven Bennett.

Mayor Dempsey said the opening of the Kepnock Town Centre arrived at an exciting and opportune moment in the Bundaberg Region, serving as a catalyst for its ongoing economic expansion.

“The Bundaberg Region is currently experiencing its highest economic growth in 16 years,” he said.

“The opening of the Kepnock Town Centre will not only further stimulate this growth but will also represent a new and vibrant gathering place for Kepnock residents and the broader Bundaberg Region community.

“The opening of the Kepnock Town Centre is set to amplify this growth, creating a substantial number of new employment opportunities both directly within the complex, and indirectly through the support of surrounding businesses and services.”

The centre is leased and managed by Geon and Senior Commercial Property Manager for South East Queensland Elke Rosen said they were looking forward to the event.

“We are very excited about Kepnock Town Centre opening, which is a significant milestone for the region that will offer a diverse array of options for shoppers and retailers looking to service this growing region,” Elke said.

The 5,715 sq m development is located at 106 Fe Walker Street in Kepnock.

Kepnock Town Centre has 281 car parks at grade, mostly shaded, and other amenities such as public bathrooms, baby change facilities, accessible toilets and parking, and pram parking facilities.

The grand opening event will be held on Saturday 4 November, from 9 am to 12 pm and is open to the public and will feature free children's activities and a live broadcast from Hitz 93.9FM.



  1. Time for a Myer, David Jones, Walmart? put it right next to this shopping center… attracting richer people will help the town thrive & create more jobs helping solve the unemployment problem.

  2. We have plenty of supermarkets and all that other stuff start thinking of the PEOPLE who need places to live instead of on the streets and the rent at reasonable prices so people on pensions & other centrelink payments. Think of that first.

  3. @Catherine more shops especially supermarkets & malls actually allow us to use land in different areas that can be made into houses or apartments easier it also provides jobs so we can pay rents & taxes allowing us to give more to pensioners & other Centrelink recipients. This shopping center should tempt people to build in the barely developed suburbs near it. Some of this land is farms but many areas could be houses.

    We don’t have much land left around the CBD but Avoca, Kensington, Thabeban ect area has much potential as well. Want to help you can build something or take a removable house & do it up from the likes of Mackay And Sons sell or lease it to someone.

  4. Looks like the Woolworths is opening ahead of the grand opening I got a coupon valid from the 25th of October…

  5. ^It’s time for high density apartments to be built the old Finemore Caravan park makes the most sense this huge piece of land is in Bundaberg City’s only high density residential area, permanently shut & flood damaged. Redeveloping it into apartments.

  6. What you need to do is get our Council to start fineing developers that get projects approved but do not deliver on them in a reasonable time frame. When you purchase land you are also stopping others from using that land & wasting it’s potential. This is costing everyone as we run out of room to live. Rents are skyrocketing, housing prices going up, mortgage repayments up.

    Hugh apparent blocks are suppose to be being built but we see nothing & land mentioned is now being sold again with nothing build on it despite apartments supposedly already being sold?

  7. The potential of this shopping center is massive. There’s no competition yet in the area for many types of shops. The people who live around Kepnock are mostly younger & working so would have more income to spend. Although this also means shops there would benefit from increased trading hours after 5PM or on weekends/public holidays.

    On the other hand our CBD & Bundaberg South area is quite near where Centrelink, most Job Networks, charities & beggars are here this is reflected in the traditionally higher unemployment rate of Bundaberg Central despite shops being right there to work at it’s clearly going to have more people on limited in comes. Avoca/Kensington is home to a large amount of retires & pensioners also on usually quite limited incomes.

    Further potential could be gained by moving some of the stores that directly compete with each other from Avoca/Kensingtion area to Kepnock. Silly to have Harvey Norman, JB HiFi & the Good guys so close to each other. Silly to have small independent hardware stores close to Bunnings these smaller stores might also be more acceptable then Masters was to Kepnock residents. Silly to have so many furniture shops right next to each other. This would also help the shops that stayed at Avoca/Kensington by reducing there competition & freeing up space to diversify the offerings there.

  8. Was just thinking with the town booming economically, unemployment rate at record lows & COVID being over many of the businesses that shut down over it & before because of Floods & the GFC might now be much more viable. Some of these could find a home at Kepnock?

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