EventsMilbi FestivalMeet a new story at Milbi’s Living Anthology

Meet a new story at Milbi’s Living Anthology

Milbi Living Anthology
Enjoy an enlightening conversation at Milbi Festival's Living Anthology event. Photo: Natasha Harth.

The community can take part in a unique conversation-style storytelling experience with the Living Anthology, part of this year’s Milbi Festival Arts Gathering in Bundaberg CBD.

Living Anthology is a living library event where participants borrow a ‘human book’ instead of a traditional paper book and engage in a one-off personal experience of enlightening conversation and exchange.

During the Milbi Festival Living Anthology, five people with captivating stories will be available for loan across two sessions, with attendees selecting two ‘books’ on arrival.

The identity of the human books will be revealed on the day, enhancing the unknown and unexpected quality of the event.

Bundaberg Regional Libraries Information Services Librarian Stephen Harris said living libraries are a great way to learn about different people and cultures.

“Imagine a library where instead of books, you can borrow people,” Stephen said.

“When you borrow a human book, you can sit down with them and ask them questions about their life.

“They will share their stories with you, and you can learn about their experiences.

“Living libraries are a great way to learn about the world around us and to become more understanding people.”

According to the Council of Europe, the Living Library concept originated in Denmark in 2000 by a Danish Youth NGO as part of the Roskilde Festival.

The concept has since become part of the Council of Europe’s ongoing program to raise human rights awareness, challenge stereotypes, and address prejudice and discrimination.

Stephen said living library events around the world had become a powerful tool for promoting diversity, inclusion and understanding by expanding an individual’s experience to include people from different backgrounds.

“If you went to a living library, you could borrow a human book who is disabled, for example” Stephen said.

“You could ask them questions about their life.

“You might have heard stories about disabled people, but you don't really know what it's like to be disabled.

“By talking to a human book, you would learn a lot about disability.

“You would also realise that disabled people are just like everyone else – they have families, friends, and dreams.”

The Milbi Festival Living Anthology is presented in conjunction with Bundaberg Regional Libraries and Bundaberg Regional Galleries.

Living Anthology

Where: Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery Park, Barolin Street

When: Sunday 29 October

Session one: 10am to 11:30am

Session two: 12:30pm to 2pm

Booking essential.

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