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Bargara infrastructure awards validate innovation

Bargara infrastructure award
Work in association with the Bargara Emerging Communities Infrastructure Planning (ECIP) project was recognised with two industry awards.

A Bundaberg Regional Council project supporting sustainable and affordable trunk infrastructure in Bargara has been recognised with two industry awards.

The Bargara Emerging Communities Infrastructure Planning (ECIP) project has in recent weeks won an Institute of Public Works Australasia (QNT) Innovation and Sustainability in Water award and a Stormwater Queensland Excellence in Strategic or Master Planning award.

Collaborating with Council staff to provide technical services for the project was AECOM which was also included in the awards recognition.

The project involved the development of a proactive trunk infrastructure plan of all asset networks as one, for example transport, stormwater and open space.

Roads and Drainage portfolio spokesperson Cr Bill Trevor congratulated the recipients and said the Bargara infrastructure award recognition validated the work as being innovative and best practice.

“The plan delivered an integrated outcome which supported a sustainable approach to development and sets a benchmark and blueprint for achieving sustainable and affordable trunk infrastructure through the region,” Cr Trevor said.

“The project was developed to achieve lasting benefits for various stakeholders including Council, the community, the development industry and the environment.

“An environmental, social and governance approach was employed throughout the project’s lifecycle to ensure a comprehensive and sustainable outcome.

“The objective was to do more than deliver a project but to establish a legacy of benefits extending across a broad range of areas.”

The project’s design philosophy centred around a ‘green infrastructure spine’, which was envisaged to effectively address stormwater and environmental constraints while creating natural and social capital.

“This is a novel approach for the region and includes key benefits,” Cr Trevor said.

“It also includes significant social and environmental benefits, such as natural capital, climate resilience, carbon sequestration and connecting community to catchment.”

AECOM Water Digital Leader Jordan Maultby said he hoped the awards acknowledgement highlighted the value of nature and collaboration.

“It’s great to be recognised, particularly when I reflect on the passion and effort that the team invested to deliver the outcome,” he said.

“Projects like the Bargara ECIP are foundational, and AECOM is grateful to work on projects like this with Council.

“Nature-based solutions are instrumental to our future, and we need collaborative design processes to catalyse their valuation and adoption.”

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