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On the greens with Across The Waves Bowls

Wednesday 20 December
Winners – K.Tuttle & B.McMah
Runners-Up – S.Penningh & Crutchy
Sportsmen – P.Lituri & R.Larsen

Bowls resumes on Wednesday 3 January. Phone the clubhouse on 41 535 644 by 12.30 pm to get your name in.

Merry Christmas to all and happy bowling in 2024.

On the greens with Woodgate Bowls

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Ladies Day:
Only one winner today:
Rink 7.
Yvonne Turner
Cheryl Goodhew
Gloria Newby

No Ladies competition next week as we will all be having a great time at our famous Boxing Day Bowls!

If you’re at a loose end consider coming down for a fun day out!

Wednesday 20 December 2023

Mens Day:

Good to see our men out enjoying a day on the green, perhaps escaping the Christmas preparations going on at home!

Winning Rink draw:
Phil Nelson
Rob Anderson
Brian Cornish

Runners Up:
Rink 7:
Dean Clarke
George Weir
Rowdy Taylor

Third Runners Up:
Rink 3:
Jesse James
Ian Goodhew
Ron Witton

Rink 5:
Garry Willoughby
Wayne Stanley
Maurie Strano

Saturday 23 December 2023

Numbers down today with it being Christmas and all, but those who came along had an enjoyable day out on the green.

Winning Rink draw:
Rink 13:
Sharon New
Marilyn Mullins
Jason New

Sunday 24 December 2023

Christmas Eve: Numbers down again, I guess everyone is at home getting ready for the big day tomorrow!
Winning Rink draw:
Rink 14:
Robyn Bishop
Meredith Taylor

Rink 14:
Archie Bishop
Lyall Brettell.

As you can see by the rink numbers, rink 2 is back in action (just in time for Boxing Day Barefoot Bowls) and I’m told it’s running to perfection!

Great job Aaron and all who gave him a hand!

To all who play bowls here at Woodgate, all our lovely visitors, winter southerners or otherwise may your Christmas be full of love and laughter, good health and happiness, family and friends to cherish (and a few good bowls on the kitty!).

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