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George Street footpath work underway

George Street footpath
Work to construct a footpath on George Street, Bundaberg West, will improve accessibility and mobility for residents.

A new footpath, to be built by Bundaberg Regional Council on George Street in Bundaberg West, will improve accessibility and mobility for residents.

Work is planned to commence late March and will be undertaken mostly weekdays, during the hours of 6 am and 5 pm.

Weather permitting, work will be completed in late June.

During construction, sections of the roads will be subject to traffic management measures and will have the appropriate signage to guide motorists and pedestrians.

Bundaberg Regional Council is aware of the inconvenience construction work causes and thanks residents and road users in advance for their patience and co-operation.

Pathway project frequently asked questions:

Why is this project needed?

Each year, Council allocates funds to undertake concrete pathway construction throughout the Bundaberg Region.

The construction of these pathways service the community by improving accessibility and mobility of residents. Pathways encourage participation in physical activity and provide connectivity to facilities which allows people to engage with the community around them.

What determines the footpath alignment?

The alignment is dependent on numerous factors including (but not limited to) constructability, site conditions, pedestrian movements, existing infrastructure and connectivity to adjacent pathways.

Why are driveways being replaced?

Council is obligated to construct new works in accordance with Australian Standards. These Standards accommodate all community members, with the intent to provide a consistent and safe pathway while improving connectivity within the community.

Why can’t they just match up to either side of my driveway?

Council will assess each driveway with respect to the applicable Standards and modify as required to achieve compliance. Council is obligated to reinstate driveways to suit the pathway which is being constructed to comply with the design requirements for access and mobility.

To assist pedestrians, pathways are to continue through driveways to provide a clear visual cue of the pedestrian priority and to assist the visually impaired with identifying the pathway location. Therefore coloured, stencilled, paved or textured (exposed aggregate) driveways will be replaced with standard grey concrete pathway.

The pathway surface texture needs to be consistent and non-slip. Therefore, exposed aggregate driveways and paved driveways will be replaced with standard grey concrete.

Why are there different driveways and cross overs being constructed?

Council has standard driveway and cross over arrangements and will apply the standard most suitable to each individual situation. This may include the use of ramps or grates if required.

Will the works temporarily restrict access to my property?

The contractor will liaise and work with residents to minimise the impact of these works.

Will the works permanently restrict access to my property?

Each property is assigned one access point / driveway. While unauthorised access points to some properties may exist, Council is not obligated to ensure that they remain and will not alter the pathway alignment to accommodate them.

Will Council remove vegetation in the road reserve?

All vegetation that impedes the infrastructure or causes a hazard to pathway users will be removed.


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