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New Councillors officially sworn in

newly elected Councillor sworn in Bundaberg Regional Council
Bundaberg Regional Council's newly elected Councillors were sworn in today, Thursday 4 April.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s newly elected Councillors were sworn in today, Thursday 4 April, following a lengthy counting process by the Electoral Commission of Queensland.

Voting came down to the wire in some divisions across the Local Government area which delayed results until all candidates were officially declared on Tuesday 2 April.

Councillors for the upcoming four-year term gathered in Council Chambers to sign the Office of Declaration in front of family, friends and community members.

The new Council also held its special post-election meeting today following the swearing in where Cr Tracey McPhee was appointed Deputy Mayor.

Cr Larine Statham-Blair was appointed as the Deputy Chair of the Bundaberg Local Disaster Management Group alongside Chair Mayor Helen Blackburn while Division 2 representative Cr Bill Trevor and Division 3 representative Cr Deborah Keslake were appointed as sub-group representatives for their respective areas.

The date for the first Ordinary Meeting of the new Council was set for Tuesday 30 April with the remaining meeting dates for the year to be decided at that time.

Bundaberg Regional Councillors:

  • Mayor Helen Blackburn
  • Division 1: Cr Jason Bartels
  • Division 2: Cr Bill Trevor OAM
  • Division 3: Cr Deborah Keslake
  • Division 4: Deputy Mayor Tracey McPhee
  • Division 5: Cr Larine Statham-Blair
  • Division 6: Cr Carmen McEneany
  • Division 7: Cr Gary Kirk
  • Division 8: Cr Steve Cooper
  • Division 9: Cr May Mitchell
  • Division 10: Cr John Learmonth

The swearing in of the new Council brings the caretaker period, entered into on 29 January, to an end.



  1. Good afternoon. Now that we have new councillors maybe something will be done about water staying around after rain out the front of people’s yard yes talking about the gutters. The water does not go anywhere it remains stagnant and brings the mosquitoes in. Also please note children have been playing in this filthy water. This is happening at wave street Burnett heads. Can someone please address this situation please.


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