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Burnett and Targo Street work underway

Targo Street intersection Burnett and Targo
Bundaberg Regional Council Roads and Infrastructure urban portfolio spokesperson Cr Larine Statham-Blair said the Burnett and Targo Street intersection upgrade project was identified in response to multiple crashes.

In a bid to address safety risks, Bundaberg Regional Council is upgrading the notorious intersection at Burnett Street and Targo Street in Bundaberg South with work to start this week.

The Burnett and Targo Street intersection upgrade project was identified in response to nine casualty crashes which occurred at the intersection between September 2016 and August 2021.

Within this five-year period, this is the highest number of casualty crashes at any Council-controlled intersection within the Bundaberg Region.

Crashes have continued to occur since 2021, highlighting the need for intervention to prevent further casualties from occurring.

Plans to upgrade the intersection were accelerated after Bundaberg Regional Council submissions were approved by the Australian Government, which is fully funding this $280,000 upgrade through the Black Spot Program.

Council Roads and Infrastructure urban portfolio spokesperson Cr Larine Statham-Blair said the intersection had been a high crash area for many years and it was the subject of previous safety treatments that had not been effective in reducing the number of crashes.

“There have been extensive investigations and many treatments over the years, which have not been effective in reducing the number of crashes,” she said.

“Council improved signage and line markings, installed splitter islands and introduced parking restrictions on the approaches.

“However, crashes have continued to occur, prompting a more comprehensive mitigation treatment.”

Cr Statham-Blair said Council would now construct a raised central median along Targo Street to prevent through crossing and right turn traffic from Burnett Street, which had been the cause of almost all crashes at the intersection.

“This treatment may cause inconvenience to some road users, however, it will help reduce the number of severe crashes occurring at this intersection,” she said.

The work will be undertaken weekdays between the hours of 6 am and 5 pm. Some weekend work may also be required.

Weather permitting, work will be completed by late June 2024.

During construction, the intersection will be closed to all traffic. Detours will be in place with appropriate signage to guide road users.

Read more about the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program here or for more information on local Black Spot Program click here.



  1. Perhaps all drivers who drive down Targo and Burnett Sts need to have their eyesight checked so that they can see the STOP signs and stop at them.

  2. The problem with this intersection was largely the reflection of traffic in the broad glass spaces on the shopfronts facing that intersection. It could confuse the perception of traffic direction in varying conditions of light and time of day.

  3. NOTORIOUS, its only notorious since this beloved council have let so many thousands come and live here, every intersection in this town is now notorious and one major reason is that the majority of the new city migrants wont let you in or out, causing people to become irate and impatient and boom a crash occurs.

  4. closing that as a through road just places more traffic on to walker and george streets,not been thought through very well has it, lets wait for more george street hinkler roundabout crashes now.

  5. Are you guys fitting traffic lights to the intersection of Targo and Burnett Street. If drivers could read the Stop sign there wouldn’t be a problem.

  6. Hi
    How about you fix the intersection at the old prince of wales hotel Princess st and Scotland street east Bundaberg
    It is a disgrace

  7. buxton road at the highway first please.
    most of Bundaberg’s economy relies on this poor intersection.

  8. Send the cars down a different street. It’s bad enough without the extra traffic to get anywhere. I am in a wheelchair and don’t have a car. It’s like playing russian roulette leaving my house to go anywhere and NOT ONE OF THESE EXTRA VEHICLES DOES THE SPEED LIMIT WHICH IS 50


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