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Snakes active across Bundaberg Region

Warm weather has led to increased snake activity in residential areas across the Bundaberg Region.

Snakes still slithering as winter nears

A red-bellied black snake was removed from a property at Moore Park Beach. Snakes are still slithering as warm weather continues.

Carpet python feasting on bat stuns walker

A Bundaberg woman has captured a photo of a large carpet python devouring a bat.

Rescue chopper called after snake bite on Fraser Island

The Bundaberg LifeFlight Rescue helicopter has airlifted a man to hospital after he was bitten by a snake on Fraser Island early this morning.

Frog eats Keelback snake

Here's an amazing photo by Melissa Brown from Bundaberg courtesy Kavs Wildlife Services on Facebook of a frog eating a Keelback snake.

7.1kg carpet python removed from Branyan home

A 7.1kg coastal carpet python made itself at home in a Branyan residence until it was removed by Kyle Hancock from Kavs Wildlife Services.

Alexandra Park Zoo welcomes seven new members They go by the names of Nope Rope, Danger Noodle, Gypsy, Caution Ramen, Judgemental Shoelace, Hazard Spaghetti and Allen and they are the newest...

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