Lake Monduran: Queensland’s best-kept secret

Barra Havoc owner Les Gane is encouraging more fishermen to discover Lake Monduran.
Barra Havoc owner Les Gane is encouraging more fishermen to discover Lake Monduran.

According to Les Gane, Queensland’s best-kept secret can be found just over 20km outside of Gin Gin.

The owner of Gin Gin’s Barra Havoc tackle store reckons there’s no better fishing to be found than the challenge of landing a barramundi in Lake Monduran.

He said visitors come from interstate to experience the thrill of hooking a Monduran barra.

“Barramundi are now the world’s most sought-after fish and it’s only found in northern Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea,” Les said.

“Lake Monduran is very inspirational. It’s a lake that is 1.6 times the size of the Sydney Harbour.”

Stocked with 100,000 fingerlings a year, Les said it's well known for holding the current world record for the world’s biggest barramundi caught on rod and reel.

In 2010 Denis Harrold landed the monster 135cm fish which weighed in at 44.6kg with a girth of 107cm. His photo and story hangs in pride of place near the counter in Les’ store.

“He was in a kayak at 8 o’clock at night and it was raining.”

Les is no stranger to fishing himself, growing up in New Zealand chasing trout and salmon.

“I was probably holding a rod since I was five years of age,” he said.

“It’s a good activity the whole family can participate in. It’s not expensive, it can be as cheap as you want.”

He has owned Barra Havoc for five years and never gets tired of singing Gin Gin's praises.

“Monduran is a beautiful place not only for fish life but for bird life. We have people coming out to take charters just to see bird life.”


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