Happy diners surprised with Random Acts of Tastiness

Taste Bundaberg Festival. Photographer: Paul Beutel
Taste Bundaberg Festival. Photographer: Paul Beutel

You’ve heard of random acts of kindness but the Bundaberg Region is celebrating its ‘salad bowl’ status with Random Acts of Tastiness!

The initiative is a partnership between Taste Bundaberg Festival and many of the cafes and producers involved in the festival, which starts this Friday 3 May.

The festival will feature four weekends jam-packed with culinary events and celebrations across the Bundaberg Region in May, June, July and August.

Social media is full of images of happy diners with their coffees, ice creams and meals at venues around the region, like Alowishus Delicious, Casablanca on See, Nourish Café, Ohana Cider House, Tinaberries, and Water St Kitchen.

Zoe Young, of Ohana Cider House, partnered with the festival to deliver Random Acts of Tastiness on Saturday 27 April.

“We had a great time,” Ms Young said.

“We surprised 10 of our guests with a mix of cider pots, tasting paddles and even a bottle of liqueur. 

“We had a wonderful atmosphere in the Cider House throughout the day as quite a few people came in to try their luck because they knew Random Acts of Tastiness were happening. 

“There was a real buzz, with lots of locals and visitors talking about the festival and what events they were going to.”

Tourists seeking food experiences

Bundaberg Tourism General Manager Katherine Reid said Random Acts of Tastiness was a unique concept.

“It’s vitally important that the Bundaberg region community own Taste Bundaberg Festival and take pride in our incredible cafes, restaurants and food and drink producers,” Ms Reid said.

“The Festival is a fantastic opportunity to invite friends and family to come and see why we’re so proud to live in Bundaberg.”

She said the region’s food and drink industries underpinned its tourism appeal.

“Tourism research is showing that people are wanting to know where their food and drink comes from, with opportunities for a genuine connection with the farmers and producers swaying their travel decisions.”

Taste Bundaberg Festival places a spotlight on the rich heritage of the whole region with food and drink experiences to encourage people to stay and play longer. 

About Taste Bundaberg Festival

Taste Bundaberg Festival is a collaboration between Bundaberg Tourism, Bundaberg Regional Council, Bundaberg Chamber of Commerce, the Bundaberg tourism industry and local producers and farmers.

Taste Bundaberg 2019 events run across 3-6 May, 7-9 June, 5-7 July and 16-18 August.