Judy Peters selected as Qld local government women’s president


Bundaberg Regional Councillor Judy Peters has been selected as president of the Queensland branch of the Australian Local Government Women’s Association (ALGWA).

Cr Peters was first elected to Bundaberg City Council in 1994 and has now represented the community for 25 years.

Judy Peters
Bundaberg Regional Council’s Cr Judy Peters has been selected as president of the Queensland branch of the Australian Local Government Women’s Association (ALGWA).

This current role makes it her third term as state president, having served two consecutive terms from 2006 to 2010.

“Just recently, because of the career opportunity of the current president, I was asked to take on the role again in recognition of the passion I have for creating a difference and creating a pathway for women in, and interested in, local government,” Cr Peters said.

“I have been asked to see out the term but also to be a sounding board into where the organisation is to date.”

Cr Peters became an ALGWA member when she was first elected to Council.

“I came in to local government, as most people perhaps do, without the background knowledge and understanding of the industry,” she said.

“It was a conscious decision I made to belong to an association that promotes the advancement of women both as staff and elected members.

“The association ensures you have the skills, knowledge and opportunity to liaise with peers and provides opportunities in professional development.”

Local Government Association promotes best practice

Receiving a life membership in 2014, Cr Peters believed that her involvement in ALGWA had been beneficial in her role as councillor.

“ALGWA offered opportunities for me, and continues to offer opportunities for women in local government, regardless of position in the structure, to be mentored and to achieve the best outcomes for them and the positions they hold, making them more valuable in their role,” she said.

“It has given me an opportunity to network outside of my own local government area to talk to people about what they’re doing in their communities and how they’ve value added.

“I would hope that my involvement and the opportunities I’ve had have allowed me to bring best practice back to my community.

“It has also instilled in me the importance of the role I play in local government.”

Before being elected as councillor, Judy Peters owned and operated Bundaberg Shipping Services for 11 years, dealing with domestic and foreign cargo vessels from the Port of Bundaberg.

“I was one of three females on the east coast doing that and the youngest at the time.”

She held the position of Director and then Deputy Chairman of Bundaberg Port Authority for 14 years.