Mangrove jack hot in Kolan, Baffle

Dan Robson caught this great Mangrove Jack.
Dan Robson caught this great mangrove jack.

The mangrove jack has been the standout fish in the Kolan River and Baffle Creek systems over the past week.

Slow rolling the lighter coloured 3” Zman Minnowz over rock bars and out of heavy snags has been doing the trick .

I’d be sticking to fairly light leaders due to the very clear water we’ve been experiencing lately.

Targeting jack on the surface is incredibly fun as well.

Usually early mornings and late afternoons are the best bite times.

While talking about targeting fish on the surface, the queenfish have been in fine form at the mouth of the Baffle.

They are great fun to catch and aren’t too bad to eat fresh or to smoke up in a kipper box.

Bundaberg inshore

If the weather plays the game this weekend the inshore fishing around the Bundaberg area should be super fun.

With the water temperature starting to warm up, the school mackerel should start turning up in good numbers.

Fast retrieving Flasha spoons vertically off the bottom is a deadly technique.

Floating pilchards and gar out the back of your boat will get some live action going on as well. It’s still a good time of year to chase the late season snapper and jewfish.

It’s hard to beat working 20g soft vibes and 5” soft plastics off the bottom to get these fish to bite.

Burnett River

With the warmer weather starting up the fishing is starting to get very exciting!

There’s already been a couple of barra and mangrove jack caught in the Burnett system.

Fishing one hour either side of the top and bottom of the tide is definitely the hot bite time. Remember to fish with confidence.

It only takes that one big hit to make your day.

Fishing in the deeper holes with big live baits can definitely produce some trophy fish as well.

There’s also still some cracker flathead getting around. Using bigger soft plastics has been getting the bite.

Elliott River

The Elliott has been producing some very nice whiting.

Pumping yabbies at low tide and fishing the incoming tide has been the go.

There’s also been some nice bream and flathead caught as well. Using smaller soft plastics and baits is the key to landing these fish.

Lake Monduran

Keith Whalley with a Monduran barra.
Keith Whalley with a Monduran barra.

Lake Monduran is starting to turn it on!

Some anglers have been lucky enough to catch over 10 barramundi in a session.

The shallow windblown points are definitely what to look for.

Jackall Squirrels and Zerek Fish Traps have once again been the standout lures.

The bite times are definitely starting to get longer with the warmer weather we are starting to experience.

We are leading up to the full moon for the next week so the fishing should get HOT!

Till next time, Mitch Beyer, Tackleworld Bundaberg