Thunda Down Under monster trucks coming

Thunda Down Under Monster Truck Tour Bundaberg
Dave Nicotra will be behind the wheel of Tom Cat at the Thunda Down Under Monster Truck Tour in Bundaberg.

Bundaberg will be treated to Thunda Down Under monster trucks when Monster X performs on 5 October 2019.

The family-friendly evening will showcase six monster trucks, along with the two-door Daihatsu known as the Jetcar that is powered by a jet engine with flames and all, at the Bundaberg Motorplex, Home of Carina Speedway.

Event organiser and Monster X manager Barry Pearce said it was easy making the decision to kickstart the national Thunda Down Under Tour in the Bundaberg Region because the organisers all live here.

A monster truck is a specialised truck with a heavy-duty suspension, four-wheel steering, and oversized tires constructed for competition and entertainment uses.

Powered by jet engines

Jetcar is a two-door Diahatsu that is powered by a jet engine and will perform at the Thunda Down Under monster trucks tour in Bundaberg.

Barry said the custom-made monster trucks would move fast and Victoria monster truck driver ‎Dave Nicotra will be behind the wheel of not only Jetcar but also Tom Cat.

Tom Cat is a monster truck that debuted in 2017 and is it’s special for being one of few monster trucks in the world to be multi-powered.

Barry said Tom Cat had a standard methanol-fuelled 1600 horsepower engine in the front and was powered by a jet engine in the back, which would give the audience something to cheer for as it tries to take out it’s competition.

After years in the industry and describing himself a jack-of-all trades when it comes to the Monster X business, Barry said this event may not be want the typical person expected when watching the trucks perform.

“It’s not like normal monster trucks or a novelty event with Krusty the clown,” Barry said.

“This is real competition – sort of like a watered-down version of Monster Jam from America.

“It will be more entertaining for the crowd with drag, freestyle and J racing.

“The trucks will go as high as they can without the drivers hurting themselves for lots of run and entertainment.”

Thunda Down Under Monster Truck Bundaberg
Shattered Silence will compete at the Thunda Down Under Monster Truck Tour.

First stop on Australian tour

Barry said the team of five local organisers all had a passion for motorsport, and he had a long history with Carina Speedway, where he was the promoter for many years and helped rebuild it after its closure earlier this decade.

“I’ve been in the industry for many years and we wanted to start the tour here at home before we head to Gladstone and up the Queensland coast,” Barry said.

Tickets are available online or at Autobarn Bundaberg.


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