Childers water pressure improves after upgrade

Childers water pressure
The outdated Childers water tower has been decommissioned and replaced with a modern booster pump system.

The Childers water tower has been decommissioned and replaced with a modern pump system which is delivering more consistent water pressure for residents.

Bundaberg Regional Council water portfolio spokesman Cr Jason Bartels said the project was part of a wider Council initiative to transition away from older water towers which are not able to deliver consistent flow.

“The issue with water towers, which I’m sure many residents would attest to, is the inconsistency of water pressure,” Cr Bartels said.

“If you pump in to the tower you have high pressure and if you stop pumping when the tower is full you have low pressure.

“Pressure fluctuation has long been experienced in this area with the tower estimated to be 50 to 60 years old.”

The project involved the installation of a new booster pump station building, switchboards and generator.

“This project has gone one step further than just a single booster pump set as we’ve actually created a back-up pump system.

“If the new booster pump system was ever to fail there is actually a pump on its own that can take over and supply the whole of Childers.

“This provides residents with greater confidence that they will have a consistent and reliable water supply.”

The booster pumps officially took over the job of supplying Childers with water on 1 October.

The Childers water tower is now decommissioned however it will be retained as a communication tower.

The Moore Park water tower was also recently decommissioned.

Childers water pressure
The new Childers booster pump system delivers more reliable water pressure.