Bundy Fungi shares mushroom magic

Bundy Fungi: Rose Fraser with some of her elm oyster mushrooms fresh from the shroom room.
Rose Fraser with some of her Bundy Fungi elm oyster mushrooms fresh from the shroom room.

Bundy Fungi elm oyster mushrooms grown locally by Rose Fraser are now available at Learmonth's Foodworks in Bundaberg.

Grown in the darkness of Rose’s “shroom room” small clusters of the unique elm oyster variety are now a delicious addition to the Bundaberg Region food scene.

Rose said she started her mushroom business after realising the many health benefits involved.

“I had an interest in mushrooms for a few years but started this business properly about six months ago,” she said.

“I became interested mostly because of the health properties that mushrooms contain.

“They are very beneficial, and some can even fight cancer.”

Rose said the growing process took place from her home in a dark garden shed that was kept at a certain temperature for optimal growth.

“I have what I call a shroom room which is basically a climate-controlled shed to grow the mushrooms in,” she said.

“It can take a few weeks for the mushrooms to grow and they form in special grow bags to help the process along.

“The shroom room is kept between 20 degrees to 28 degrees at about 80 per cent humidity.”

Bundy Fungi
Bundi Fungi: Rose Fraser's elm oyster mushrooms.

Bundy Fungi elm oyster mushshrooms

Rose said she only grew one type of mushroom, the elm oyster.

“These types of mushroom are just perfect for our climate, while most others don't handle our heat too well,” she said.

“They are actually quite hard to grow and require research and constant care.”

The elm oyster mushroom is often white or buff in colour and can range from 5cm to 15cm wide.

Rose said the name of the mushroom was due to its taste.

“They have got a very slight fishy taste which is why they are called oyster,” she said.

“They go well in a lot of Asian dishes but they are really best to eat just fried up.”

Rose Fraser said not only were her Bundy Fungi gourmet elm oyster mushrooms available at Learmonth's Foodworks, they were also used at HSG at the Gardens in Branyan.

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