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Life of Gladys Moncrieff on show at Bundaberg Library

Gladys Moncrieff
Leonie Egan and Stephen Harris look over some of the Gladys Moncrieff items soon to be exhibited at the Bundaberg Library.

Artifacts showcasing the dazzling history of Gladys Moncrieff will be exhibited at the Bundaberg Library next month.

Organised by the Our Glad Association, in partnership with Bundaberg Library, the exhibition will take a step back in time when the iconic Queensland performer ruled the stage in the region and beyond.

Bundaberg Library's information services librarian Stephen Harris said the exciting event aimed to highlight the prolific career of the great Australian singer, who was born in Bundaberg on 13 April 1892.

“Gladys Moncrieff was the most highly paid performer in the history of Australian theatre in her time and as such she is a Queensland icon and inspiration to aspiring performers,” Stephen said.

“Gladys is important for Bundaberg and locals because she is a role model.

“She followed her passion and was determined to succeed in a difficult profession.”

Stephen said the artifacts being featured in the exhibition had been collected from enthusiasts over the past five years.

He said a few of Gladys Moncrieff's special pieces were to be unveiled at the event.

“An unboxed collection has been donated by Stuart Green in Sydney after he saved an auction of her artifacts which the association look forward to opening up,” he said.

“There is also a collection of her personal artifacts waiting to be paid for in the Gold Coast worth $15000.

Gladys Moncrieff
Stephen Harris and Leonie Egan look over some of the Gladys Moncrieff items soon to be exhibited at the Bundaberg Library.

“The Our Glad Association is looking for sponsors to get hold of that unique collection.”

Our Glad Association president Leonie Egan said the committee worked actively towards the continuing commemoration of Gladys Moncrieff and to promote the impact she had on the local area and Australia as a whole.

Leonie said her contribution to the entertainment industry was much to be admired and should be a beacon of inspiration for aspiring performers to come. 

“As an association, we wish to continue to inspire young singers to seriously take up training for a musical career,” Leonie said.

“As part of this, we are holding a quest to uncover such talent and provide a scholarship later in the year.

“Richard Bonynge AC CBE has donated $1000 to kick start our quest this year with more information to come.”

The Gladys Moncrieff exhibition will be showcased at the Bundaberg Library from 1-7 February 2020.




  1. I hope on your way to change a book or use the computers, you’ll glance right as you enter the library and absorb some of the flavour of a Gladys Moncrieff era in the showcase. Take a brochure and join our Association for only $10 annually.The Anniversary of her demise was 8th Feb 1976.

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