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The Beach Mill cafe opening soon

The Beach Mill Cafe
After operating The Windmill Cafe for almost four years, Joey Caruana and Kirsty Rogers' passion for local produce will shine through on The Beach Mill Cafe menu.

Joey Caruana and Kirsty Rogers from The Windmill in Bargara plan to open The Beach Mill Cafe at Bundaberg Surf Life Saving Club.

The beachside cafe will be revamped with a new seating area, shade coverings and new roofing to make it weather proof, and artificial grass to ensure a relaxing time by the ocean.

“We are very excited about this, and we can’t wait to offer locals here at Bargara and all of Bundaberg another culinary experience,” Joey said.

“There will be seating, and we encourage the grab-and-go for people to take away and sit on the beautiful beach or to enjoy their time in the park here.

“It’s probably the best spot to have a cafe in all of Bundy.”

Kirsty said the uniqueness of the beachside cafe would be a drawcard for locals and visitors.

“It’s the only true ocean-front location,” she said.

“We plan to be here long term, and we’re just so excited about what’s to come with the renovations and plans in place.”

After operating The Windmill for almost four years, the couple’s passion for local produce will shine through on The Beach Mill cafe menu, with salads, fruit salads, poke bowls, sushi and acai bowls.

“We will have the same ethos that The Windmill offers now,” Joey said.

“We have a real love and passion for local food, local services and local juices.

“The offerings here will be along those lines, along with locally made award-winning gelato.

“Once we are established, we will be offering fresh seafood platters; it’s all about a unique Bundaberg experience and we can’t wait.”

The Beach Mill warms up for spring

Joey said The Beach Mill will open its doors as the weather warms up in time for the spring school holidays 19 September to 5 October).

“The key for us is to maintain our environmental take, so all our products will be as they are at The Windmill, totally environmentally friendly – right down to our garbage bags,” he said.

“We will still be offering our environmental incentives, where people can clean the beach up by filling a bucket of rubbish and then get a free gelato.

“Then we will continue with our Green Caffeine, where people download the app and they bring in their reusable cup each time they come in and we give them a new sterilised cup – a swap and go program which is Australia-wide.

“I think it’s an amazing initiative that again supports the environment.

“For us it’s about engaging within the community, and keeping the community feel.

“I think that’s one of the reasons why we were awarded the tender to operate the popular surf club cafe, as there were 17 people who went for the tender.”

The Beach Mill cafe will trade seven days with an early open to ensure the morning walkers and surfers can grab their daily coffee fix.