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Tasty Street Food opens for dinner delivery

Tasty Street Food
Tasty Street Food owners Darren, Jolene and Tarni Wilmott.

A local mobile food business is providing the Burnett Heads area with tasty dinner dishes as it begins a new delivery service in the region.

Tasty Street Food is owned by couple Jolene and Darren Wilmott, offering a menu of Asian cuisine, Mexican dinners and fish and chips four nights a week.

The local duo have been in the mobile catering industry for more than a decade, having previously travelled across South East Queensland to serve up their menu at events and shows.

“When Covid hit we could no longer do as much travelling so, being based in Burnett Heads, we thought it would be a great opportunity to open up our business locally,” Jolene said.

“With not a great deal of options out there for takeaway during the week, there was a gap in the market that we knew we could fill.”

A chef by trade, Darren said he had always loved the freedom of creating delicious dishes on the road.

“I started cooking when I was about 15 and as the years went by I knew I wanted to give something different a go,” he said.

“That's when we decided to try out a food truck business.”

Tasty Street Food
Tasty Street Food owners Darren, Jolene and Tarni Wilmott are focusing on serving dinner to Burnett Heads through their mobile food business.

Tasty Street Food grows

Darren said their business journey hadn't been without challenges, but looking back he said it was all worthwhile.

“Our first event was at a Seventeen Seventy festival and it definitely didn't go well,” he laughed.

“We had come up with a seafood and salad dish and absolutely no one wanted a bar of it.

“I remember one guy even said to us ‘mate, I didn't come to a festival to eat a salad', so that's when we refined our menu to include Asian cuisine and it has been really popular to this day.”

Tasty Street Food
Darren and Jolene cooking up a storm of Tasty Street Food in 2011.

Darren and Jolene said their menu featured Asian-inspired noodle dishes as well as their signature spring rolls.

“Our spring rolls are probably the most popular item on our menu as well as our pulled pork rolls,” Darren said.

“We have also introduced some Mexican dishes as well as fish and chips, we do a bit of everything.”

Jolene said the Tasty Street Food van would be taking home delivery orders every Monday to Thursday from 5pm to 7.30pm in Burnett Heads.

The team also provide a bevvy of delicious snacks and meals from their mobile food truck in Bargara, Christsen Park, every Friday to Sunday and most public holidays for lunch from 11am to 2pm.

“Everything is freshly made, nothing is frozen and we cater to all dietary requirements,” Jolene said.

While their business venture has taken a turn, the couple said they are excited to be able to continue to provide tasty street food to people, something they have always enjoyed.

“The great thing about owning a food van is having the freedom to do what you want, cook what you want and meet so many different people in so many places,” Darren said.

“I have grown up in Burnett Heads so to be doing this in our local area is really exciting and we have had such great feedback from the community already,” Jolene said.

To find out more about Tasty Street Food, follow the business Facebook page here.