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Stormwater strategy adopted by Council

Stormwater strategy
Bundaberg Regional Council has adopted a 10-year Stormwater Management Strategy which provides an assessment framework to prioritise drainage works.

A 10-year Stormwater Management Strategy has been adopted by Bundaberg Regional Council providing a clear direction to prioritise works ahead of budget deliberations.

Roads and Drainage portfolio spokesperson Cr Bill Trevor said the strategy had introduced an assessment framework that would determine which projects would take precedence.

“In developing the strategy about 150 potential capital projects were identified, further demonstrating how essential it is to approach future drainage works strategically,” Cr Trevor said.

“Under the strategy we will prioritise safety and flooding above floor level.

“The assessment framework encased in the stormwater strategy will ensure this is balanced by the financial benefit or in other words the value for money.

“We want to make sure that the areas in which we are allocating the capital works budget benefit as many residents as possible or the residents who are most in need.

“This framework captures the benefits, deficits and costs associated with each project using a simple scoring system.

“The score for each project is summarised in a ranked list which will support decisions regarding future stormwater investment.”

He said the strategy would also ensure Council was looking forward and proactively and sustainably managing the stormwater network.

“For many years drainage issues have been dealt with reactively due to limited information, strategy and budget,” Cr Trevor said.

“In more recent times Council has delivered record capital works budgets to address stormwater drainage issues but we recognise that a more strategic and sustainable approach is required in the long term.

“The stormwater strategy will enable Council to deliver a service that caters for future growth while maintaining and improving existing stormwater infrastructure.

“Through targeted maintenance and renewal, the strategy aims to future proof our stormwater network while minimising risk and improving safety during future weather events.”

The 10-year Stormwater Management Strategy will deliver:

  • An overarching vision for the long-term management of stormwater
  • A consistent and transparent approach to identifying and prioritising future expenditure, with first priority the protection of human life and property, followed by flood mitigation and environmental benefit.
  • A commitment to progressively reduce risk and improve community resilience with clear actions and accountabilities
  • Maximising environmental health of waterways, social amenity, pollution control, affordability and minimising impacts of a changing climate.

View the strategy here.



  1. Is this storm water just captured and pumped back to the water supply because that is the only thing to do with it. Every town should capture storm water and then pump it back to water supply instead. Of wastefully throwing it away.

  2. As long as Jefferis Street drainage problems are finally addressed! Sooner rather than later. Every time there is a large downpour the street completely floods and some houses here have impacted regularly.

  3. Very pleased to read that Council will start working on a Stormwater strategy. I live in North Bundaberg and would be very pleased to know that stormwater improvements will be included as part of the Stormwater strategy. The 2013 floods were devastating in North Bundy and frightening for the elderly people who make up a large part of this community. I love living here but the fear of floods in this area is always a daunting thought.

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