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September roads and drainage wrap

September roads and drainage wrap
Hummock Road upgrade was completed in September. Photo: Morgan Everett.

Throughout September, Bundaberg Regional Council undertook a range of roads and drainage works across the region, including pavement and shoulder repair, grading works, and pathways.

Hummock Road upgrade was completed, with a two-lane section between Zinks Road and Three Chain Road sealed.

Upgrade of the Apple Tree Creek rest area continued, with a new concrete slab poured in this popular roadside park.

Woodgate Esplanade pathway renewal works continued, with the project now 50% completed.

A range of other minor and maintenance works were also completed, including:


Minor works

  • Cummins Road drainage reinstatement
  • Mon Repos Turtle Trail 2 coat seal

Road Maintenance

Drain cleaning:

  • Vandenberg Street, Avenell Heights to Chards Road, Woongarra –
  • Quay Street, Bundaberg Central
  • Jocumsen Street, Kepnock
  • Palmer Street, Millbank
  • Avoca Street, Millbank
  • Short Street, Bundaberg South
  • McLean Street, Bundaberg Central
  • Black Street, Norville
  • Princess Street, Bundaberg East to Cross Street, Bundaberg East
  • Targo Street, Bundaberg Central
  • Campbell Street, Bundaberg East
  • Gerard Street, Kepnock to Steptoe Street, Bundaberg East

Footpath / driveway:

  • Woongarra Street, Bundaberg Central
  • Blain Street, Bargara

Roadside spraying program:

  • Gordons Road, Alloway
  • Olive Tree Court, Coonarr
  • DJL Drive, Kinkuna
  • Golchert Drive, Kinkuna
  • Gum Tree Court, Coonarr
  • Fern Tree Drive, Coonarr
  • Oak Avenue, Coonarr
  • Palm Beach Road, Coonarr
  • Carisson Drive, Coonarr
  • Herbert Hall Road, Coonarr
  • Chattin Road, Coonarr
  • Ramp Road, Coonarr
  • Markham Road, Coonarr
  • Davenport Drive, Coonarr
  • New Farm Road, Alloway
  • Alloway Siding Road, Alloway
  • Paynes Road, Alloway
  • Mahogany Creek Road, Elliott
  • Woods East Road, Alloway to Woods West Road, Alloway
  • Mahoney Dexters Road, Woongarra
  • Burns Road, Alloway to Coonarr Road, Kinkuna
  • Lovers Walk Road, Woongarra
  • Elverys Road, Woongarra
  • Chards Road, Woongarra
  • Fingers Road, Woongarra

Kerb and channel repairs:

  • Fairymead Road, Bundaberg North
  • Woongarra Street, Bundaberg Central
  • John Street, Bundaberg West
  • Bourbong Street, Bundaberg Central
  • Greathead Road, Kepnock

Maintenance patching:

  • Continuation of maintenance patching on council roads and other services within council
  • Asphalt Takalvan Street shoulder
  • Continuation of asphalt repairs for water services

Pipe and pit repairs:

  • Kendalls Road, Avoca
  • Botanic Gardens, Bundaberg North

Sweeper truck:

  • Continuation of working with parks edge mower in gutter cleaning
  • Commencement of new floating gang with Vermeer and sweeper attachment for gutter clearing
  • Removal of silt from floors of open cement drains

Reach mower works:

  • Nicolsons Road, Sharon
  • Batchlers Road, Gooburrum
  • Jealous Road, Bundaberg East

Drainage and minor maintenance:

  • Moore Park 4wd track
  • Gooburrum Road drainage
  • Zahns Road drainage
  • Batchlers Road drainage
  • McGills Road parks and gardens
  • Arcadia Drive drainage
  • Cummins Road drainage reinstatement
  • Enterprise Street Saltwater Creek drainage
  • Shep Street drainage
  • Enterprise Street Saltwater Creek drainage
  • Kalkie Depot drainage
  • Whalleys Road drainage

Pavement Repairs:

  • Langbeckers Road, Thabeban

Shoulder Repairs:

  • Lovers Walk, Thabeban

General line marking maintenance across the area.

Grading works completed

  • Walkers Road, South Bingera
  • Bingera Weir Road, South Bingera
  • Chadwicks Road, Elliott
  • Herbeners Road, South Bingera
  • Hillandale Road, South Bingera
  • Edina Street, Bundaberg North
  • Colvins Road, Gooburrum
  • Horsleys Road, Meadowvale
  • Pashleys Road, Welcome Creek
  • Townsons Road, Welcome Creek
  • Eardleys Road, Welcome Creek
  • Tolls Road, Welcome Creek
  • Tolls Road, Welcome Creek (Shoulders)
  • Bonels Road, Welcome Creek


Anzac Park drainage works, pipes delivered to site, excavation underway.

Milliken Street pathway, project completion October 2023

Hummock Road upgrade, project completed September 2023

Shell Street drainage, completed in September 2023

Takalvan Street pathway renewal, delivered in September 2023

Birthamba Road – Stage 2 / Blackspot curve improvement, underway

Coronation Hall carpark upgrade, completed September 2023

Childers Area

Minor works

  • Apple Tree Creek rest area slab


Pavement Repairs

  • Buxton Road, Buxton
  • Green Court, Buxton

Shoulder Repairs

  • Buxton Road, Buxton
  • Farnsfield Road, Farnsfield

Vegetation Clearing

  • Matts Road, Pine Creek

Road Grading

  • Pioneer Road, Buxton
  • Postmans Crossing Road, Buxton
  • Petersens Road, Farnsfield
  • Settlement Road, Farnsfield
  • Byers Road, Isis River
  • Lambs Road, Isis River
  • Webbs Road, Redridge


  • Barretts Road, Isis River
  • Knudsens Road, Farnsfield


Church Street Horton upgrade is underway with sealing set to occur in October 2023.

Woodgate Esplanade pathway renewal is continuing.

Bootharh Road Horton, will undergo the installation of new culverts to assist with water ponding and erosion

Gin Gin Area


Pavement Repairs

  • Delan Road, Delan
  • River Pines Drive, Delan

Wallaville-Goondoon Road, Wallaville, widening of intersection and installation of RCPs and headwalls

Gravel Resheeting

  • Old Bushs Road, Avondale
  • Goondoon Road, Bucca
  • Dalga Road, Kalpowar
  • Wonbah Road, Wonbah

Road Grading

  • Old Bushs Road, Avondale
  • Goondoon Road, Bucca
  • Snake Creek Road, Bungadoo
  • Doughboy Road, Doughboy
  • Booyal Crossing Road, Camp Paddock Road, Garnham Monument Road, Nielsons Road, Good Night
  • Michelles Road, Horse Camp
  • Dalga Road, Streeters Road, Kalpowar
  • Kantaka Road, Molangul
  • Duckpond Road, Moolboolaman Road, Moolboolaman
  • Eddingtons Road, Old Gayndah Road, Morganville
  • Nearum Road, Nearum
  • St Agnes Road, St Agnes
  • Wonbah Road, Wonbah


Snake Creek Road Culvert Replacements is now complete

Bridge works


The bridge crew has continued work on the boardwalk and jetty behind Alexandra Park Zoo.

Work completed includes:

  • Repairing connections
  • Pressure washing the structure to enable further inspections of the deck and handrails
  • Cleaning concrete elements of the jetty

Find out more about current roads, pathways and drainage projects.



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