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Saltwater Creek master plan community workshop

Saltwater Creek master plan consultation
An open community workshop on the Saltwater Creek master plan will be held on Thursday 16 November 2023.

Residents are invited to attend a community workshop to have their say on the draft Saltwater Creek master plan.

The draft Saltwater Creek master plan has been developed using information gathered from technical investigations and feedback from the community.

The master plan is shaped to provide the community with accessible green space, cultural resources and recreational amenities, while delivering multiple operational functions including flood resilience, stormwater management, urban cooling, habitat creation and protection, and safe routes along to walk or cycle.

Saltwater Creek is about 6km long on its main flow path and stretches from Bundaberg Regional Airport, through residential areas to the CBD and into the Burnett River under the historic Saltwater Creek bridge.

Council has completed a condition assessment of the concrete channels along the entire length of Saltwater Creek.

The outcomes from the assessment indicate that most of Saltwater Creek’s concrete channels show signs of moderate to significant deterioration and major replacement is likely required within the next 10 to 20 years.

Council Roads and Drainage portfolio spokesperson Cr Bill Trevor said the Saltwater Creek catchment had seen significant changes through history and the long-term planning project would be beneficial to the wider community.

“This Master Plan will help meet the needs and aspirations, from the functional and operational through to ecological and aspirational.

“The outcomes will be driven by the priorities of the local community, Bundaberg Regional Council and civic stakeholders.”

Cr Trevor said the Master Plan was guided by six over-arching principles, which included resilient development, connection to Country, healthy habitat, slow flow with an active, safe and connected space.

An open community consultation session will be held at 5:30 pm on Thursday 16 November at the Bundaberg Multiplex, 1 Civic Avenue. Reservations are mandatory via emailing engineering@bundaberg.qld.gov.au by Wednesday 15 November.

Additional sessions will be conducted by invitation only for residents of adjacent and nearby properties and First Nations representatives.

An online survey will be open until Friday 8 December for public feedback on the Draft Master Plan.



  1. Why not use Previous concrete or absorbing/trusty concrete. Instead of the water backing up & adding to the flooding it gets drunk by the concrete. Excess water would end up in the ground under the concrete instead of in our streets…

    You could do this for the rest of the cemented run off areas as well this could hold heaps of water preventing flooding.

  2. no right to free speech here
    just how much research do you really do.
    i am not afraid to challenge some of this.

  3. Looks like the plan is to block & slow the flow of water into segregated areas along with water tanks & fields to wick the water up. This is potentially a good idea seeing major flooding in 2013 came from the river & not the salter water creek run off. The Chanel if done right could prevent future major floods from the river. It could even potentially reduce flooding else where.

    If only we could get everyone to install rain water tanks on top to add to this thousands of extra rain water tanks could be beneficial to reducing flooding across the region. A major source of flooding is faster run off from widespread use of impervious Cement, Asphalt & Bitumen keeping the water off our streets all together would help.

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