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August roads and drainage wrap

August roads and drainage wrap
Botanic Gardens pavement renewal project was completed.

Throughout August, roads and drainage works across the Bundaberg Region were well underway, with a culvert replacement, grading and footpath renewal taking place.

Pathway renewal on the Esplanade, Woodgate progressed, as did the upgrade to Church Street, Horton in the Childers area, with both projects around halfway completed.

Stage two of road widening works commenced on Birthamba Road, South Kolan, covering a 2.3 km stretch of the road from the intersection with Raines Road, aimed at providing safety improvements for this busy local road.

The Tindels Road culvert replacement, Caruana culvert renewal refuge upgrade and Botanic Gardens pavement renewal were completed in August.

A range of other minor and maintenance works were also completed, including:


Road Maintenance

Drain spraying program:

  • Burnett Heads
  • Bundaberg North

Drain cleaning:

  • Davidson Street, Bargara
  • Tomato Island Road, Branyan
  • Dr Mays Crossing Road, Calavos
  • McKenzie’s Road, Bundaberg North
  • Jealous Road, Bundaberg East
  • Sheehan’s Road, Calavos

Footpath / driveway:

  • Norville pool complex, Norville
  • Murdochs Road, Moore Park
  • Pacific Boulevard, Moore Park
  • Elliott Heads Road, Kepnock

Roadside spraying program:

  • Continuation of furniture spraying, Bundaberg North
  • Continuation of furniture spraying, Woongarra

Kerb & channel repairs:

  • Camplin Court, Branyan
  • Crofton Street, Bundaberg West
  • Stucky Drive, Kalkie
  • Ann Street, Bundaberg East
  • Totten Street, Kepnock

Maintenance patching:

  • Continuation of maintenance patching on council roads and other services within council

Pipe & pit repairs:

  • Thabeban Street, Thabeban
  • Zielke Avenue, Kalkie

Minor works:

  • Completion of Isambert Lane pavement repairs
  • Removal of silt in Croome creek
  • Asphalt program completed

Grading works completed

  • Asmus Road, Cavavos
  • Golchert Drive, Kinkuna
  • DJL Drive, Kinkuna
  • Mahogany Creek Road, Elliott River
  • Gordons Road, Elliott River
  • Woods East Road, Alloway
  • Tarrants Road, Cavavos
  • Coonarr Road, Coonarr
  • Woods West Road, Alloway
  • New Valley Road, Alloway
  • Gillens Creek Road, Alloway
  • Lakeview Drive, Alloway
  • Des Loeskow Road, Alloway
  • Chapmans Road, Alloway
  • Natzke Road, Alloway
  • Silky Oak Street, Thabeban
  • Honors Road, Alloway
  • Heidkes Road, Woodgate
  • Woodward Road, Alloway
  • Gorlicks Road, Branyan
  • Walkers Road, South Bingera


  • Botanic Gardens pavement renewal, completed in August 2023.
  • Hummock Road upgrade nearing completion, bitumen seal installed.
  • Caruana culvert renewal complete.
  • Takalvan Street pathway renewal completed in August 2023.
  • Birthamba Road stage 2 Blackspot curve improvement site mobilisation.
  • Coronation Hall carpark upgrade, completed in August 2023.

Childers Area


Pavement Repairs

  • Wallaville-Goondoon Road, Bungadoo
  • River Pines Drive, Delan
  • North South Road, Apple Tree Creek
  • Gentle Annie Road, Apple Tree Creek
  • Butchers Road, Childers

Drainage Repairs

  • Haylock’s Road, Pine Creek
  • Cooks Road, South Isis
  • Chappell Hills Road, South Isis

Vegetation Control

  • Wyatts Road, Kullogum

Shoulder Repairs

  • Bunns Road, Apple Tree Creek
  • Cooks Road, South Isis
  • Farnsfield Road, Farnsfield

Grading works completed

  • Broadlands Road, Buxton
  • Pioneer Road, Buxton
  • Blacks Road, Isis River
  • Barrett’s Road, Isis River
  • Broadhurst Homestead Road, Isis River
  • Agnesvale Road, Kullogum
  • Todd’s Road, Kullogum
  • Sawmill Road, Kullogum
  • Franceys Road, North Isis


  • Church Street Horton upgrade progressing.
  • Esplanade Woodgate pathway renewal continuing.

Gin Gin Area



  • Hairs Road, Bungadoo
  • Camp Paddock Road, Good Night
  • Kleidons Road Meadowvale

Intersection Improvement

Tindels Road and Monduran Road, Waterloo

Grading works completed

  • Hairs Road, Bungadoo
  • Doughboy Road, Doughboy
  • Edmonds Road, Gaeta Road, Mooney Road, Webster Road, Gaeta
  • Rangeview Road, Gin Gin
  • Camp Paddock Road, Good Night
  • Eileen Crescent, Horsecamp Road, Stronachs Road, Taylors Road, Horse Camp
  • Carmans Road, Monduran
  • Mingo Road, Old Gayndah Road, Morganville
  • Boaga Road, Mullet Creek
  • Grettons Road, Tirroan
  • Duck Creek Road, Winfield
  • Wonbah Road, Wonbah


  • Tindels Road culvert replacement complete.

Bridge works

Bridge works have been completed on McLennans Bridge, Wallaville and it is now operating as a single lane structure.

Maintenance and cosmetic work has also been undertaken on boardwalks:

  • Oaks Beach, Burnett Heads
  • First Avenue, Woodgate
  • Riverside Boardwalk, Bundaberg (night work)
  • Palmer Creek Foot Bridge, Kullogum (rebuild)



  1. What a long list of work. Pity it didn’t include a pathway and better lighting in Peace street Bundaberg. The street’s been here for over 50 years I beleive, how long do we have to wait for some return on our high rates?

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