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Inside Out art exhibition brings out emotions

Inside Out art exhibition
Digital media art student Conley Inskip and CQUniversity lecturer Regina John Luan, in front of Conley's digital media artworks titled Forgotten and Unsympathetic Journey.

Emotions are on display in the inaugural Inside Out art exhibition, a collaboration between Headspace Bundaberg and CQUniversity.

CQUniversity lecturer Regina John Luan said it was a meaningful exhibition for her students, past and present, and the theme of Inside Out was developed alongside Headspace’s Youth Engagement Committee and it offered a way to express emotions through art.

Second year digital media student Conley Inskip said he was honoured to be part of the first Inside Out art exhibition, which allowed him to express emotions close to his heart.

“This one is titled Unsympathetic Journey, it is about depression – my partner has depression,” Conley said.

“It shows the dark and moody colour, the blues, and that there is a light at the end. It also has a person standing there and it shows the big leaps they have to take to get better.”

Conley, 19, said his other artwork, which was highly commended at the opening of the Inside Out art exhibition, titled Forgotten represented Alzheimer’s disease.

Regina said she was blown away by the high quality of the artwork, and she said the students were wise beyond their years.

“My goodness, I needed to help make use of their creativity to apply and make the best version, which could be used to create awareness of mental health,”

“Only with that can we create a medium of artworks, a communication of something unheard.

“True artworks come from the artist’s own journey.”

Inside Out art exhibition
Amber Christensen said she was honoured to be part of the inaugural Inside Out digital art exhibition at CQU.

Headspace Bundaberg’s centre manager Dean Hyland said each piece of artwork in the Inside Out art exhibition had its own meaning, and it was up to the viewer to interpret.

“It’s a fantastic collaboration with CQU and Headspace,” Dean said.

“For the level of the artwork being produced, from local to international, having this quality of arts in Bundaberg – we are just so, so lucky.

“Artists have the ability to tell their stories, some are really heart wrenching, so it is that pitching of taking the inside emotions and showcasing them on the outside, and the name Inside Out is ideal for this exhibition.”

First year art student Amber Christensen said she wanted people to connect with her art pieces on another level.

“I really want my work to speak to people,” she said.

“I like to think into my work deeply, and I do a lot of research when creating my work.

“I feel really great having my work on display here at the Inside Out exhibition.”

Inside Out art exhibition
Digital art student Olivia Halpin and Headspace youth engagement committee member Rhys Williams at the Inside Out art exhibition.

Headspace Youth Engagement Committee member Rhys Williams said artwork had the ability to help release emotions, and it was great to see the varied artwork on display.

“It’s great that Regina approached us, wanting to do an exhibition relating to mental health,” he said.

“It’s a great way to help explain emotions – through art.

“Engaging young artist to help share their message around mental health is really fantastic.”

Inside Out art exhibition is open until 20 August at CQUniversity, in Building 5, Drama Barn. For more information click here.

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