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Land donation supports Washpool Creek naturalisation

washpool creek land donation
Mayor Jack Dempsey has welcomed the donation of two residential blocks which sit alongside Washpool Creek

Two parcels of land have been gifted to Bundaberg Regional Council to enhance the Washpool Creek naturalisation project area.

Owners Shane and Trudie Howell approached Council with the proposal to donate the properties, located at 1 and 3 Ford Street, Bundaberg South, to show their support for the project and the benefits it would provide to the local area.

Their hope is that the land can be used to increase naturally shaded public area and provide more wildlife habitat, and in particular, frog habitat.

“After enjoying the Baldwin Swamp walkways for many years to support an extension was a no-brainer,” the long-term residents said.

“A more natural watercourse is definitely easier on the eye and a more environmentally friendly use of the area.

“More green spaces can only benefit Bundy in the future.

“It’ll be nice to enjoy the new walkways and facilities of the completed project.

“[We’re] looking forward to seeing our donation benefiting the broader community.”

Council accepted the donation in its August 31 Ordinary Meeting, resolving to enter into a Deed of Gift with the landowner.

Mayor Jack Dempsey welcomed the decision which he said would provide future benefit to the community.

“The Washpool Creek naturalisation project will see an outdated concrete drain returned to its original state as a thriving waterway and open space which the entire community can enjoy,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“It is wonderful to see the value of this project being recognised by community-minded citizens like Shane and Trudie.

“On behalf of the entire Bundaberg Region community I would like to offer them our thanks for their generosity and support.”

The Washpool Creek naturalisation project is currently in the concept design stage and the donation of land has been made in time for the parcels to be considered as part of this process.

“We’ve already received valuable feedback from the community and once these concept designs are ready there will be another opportunity for residents to consult,” Mayor Dempsey said.

After the community has provided feedback on the concept designs, the project will commence to detailed design following which a timeline for construction will be developed.



  1. What wonderful generosity. Thank you Trudie and Shane Howell.
    Ford Street is a beautiful little area; and this can only add to its beauty.

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