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Go paperless, sign up now for eRates

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Bundaberg residents are being encouraged to sign up now to receive eRates.

Bundaberg Regional Council is encouraging residents to go paperless by signing up for eRates registration by 8 July.

The move to digital was made official in 2019 in a bid to streamline the rates service while benefiting the environment.

Since then, ratepayers have been offered the opportunity to sign up to receive rate notices via email instead of through the post.

Council‘s Finance portfolio spokesperson Cr Steve Cooper said there were many positives about receiving rate notices online.

“We live in a digital world and there is no longer a need for rates to be sent by paper,” he said.

“Receiving your rate notice online is not only convenient, it is much quicker than snail mail and better for our environment.

“It also means you have a copy of your rate notice with you all of the time – if you need to reproduce your notice for whatever reason, you can do so without having to contact Council.”

Signing up for eRates is simple. Click here to register and follow the prompts.

Where a property has multiple owners, all owners must register for eRates and give consent to receive the rate notice to the email address provided.

If you already receive your rate notice via BPay View and wish to switch to eRates, remember to de-register your BPay View account.

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