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Mirusia Moncrieff performance a welcome return

mirusia perform moncrieff
International star soprano Mirusia who is performing at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre.

International star soprano Mirusia is headed for the the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre in a performance which will feature some of the most beloved songs in existence.

The concert, on Saturday 8 October, will see Mirusia take to the stage with her band to perform music that inspired her to become one of the world’s favourite classical crossover artists.

Mirusia said, having toured Bundaberg before, she was looking forward to once again playing for audiences within the region.

“I have toured through Bundaberg before and the last time I was there we had the best time together with the audience,” Mirusia said.

“They were so warm and welcoming and I am so looking forward to catching up with the audience again.

“I love travelling and discovering interesting places and Bundaberg is no exception as the people I have met on my travels thus far, have made some of my favourite journeys complete.

“Every regional area has its own special places to visit and stories to tell and I love being able to discover them on this tour.”

And it's not just the audience which Mirusia fondly remembers from her last visit.

“The Moncrieff is a very special theatre with fantastic and friendly staff who make the whole experience wonderful, not only for the audience but also for us, the performers,” she said.

“I love the fact that it is named after the great Gladys Moncrieff who also was a classical crossover singer, like myself!

“Gladys was one of the trailblazers of this genre and she was a Queenslander, just as I am.”

The audience can expect a show that will see Mirusia perform a range of different songs from throughout her career thus far.

“This concert program is a retrospective on my career to date and I will be singing the songs that made me the artist I am today, plus telling some personal and revealing stories too,” she said.

“On stage with me are some of Australia’s finest musicians and the music will take us through multiple genres meaning that there will be something each member of the family can enjoy.”

Tickets are available for the show here.

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  1. Vanaf 2017, is Mirusia een muzikale ondersteuning geworden. Ook een mooi voorbeeld in het jezelf zijn. Het is zo mooi, dat zij nu ook een dochtertje heeft. In het geheel genomen, is het voor ons zo anders. Zo is er veel dankbaarheid gekomen, voor haar keuze als zangeres. Mirusia Lief en zorgzaam. Ongetwijfeld van huis uit mee gekregen. Dank je wel❤️????

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