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Heritage property support proposed

heritage support
Mayor Jack Dempsey said the region is well-known for the heritage facades in its CBDs. Pictured: Churchill Street, Childers

The Bundaberg Region’s rich heritage and character is evident in the facades of its main street buildings and soon their owners look set to have added support to maintain and preserve them.

The upcoming Bundaberg Regional Council budget for the 2023-24 year, which will be formally adopted on 27 June, includes a proposal to support owners of local heritage places and main street character areas.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said the annual $100,000 fund would see Council share the cost burden of maintaining the region’s heritage.

“You only have to look to the rooflines in our beautiful CBDs across the region to find the heritage charm for which we are well-known,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“By maintaining these buildings we’re preserving our community’s unique history and spirit, but it can also come with an added cost burden.

“Council is committed to partnering with property owners to support the upkeep of these beautiful buildings and streetscapes which are much-loved by residents and much-admired by visitors.”

Following the adoption of the 2023-24 budget he said Council’s planning team would further develop the concept to determine the details of which properties would be eligible for the fund and how it would be applied.

One of the possibilities to be investigated is the establishment of a co-contribution grant which owners of identified buildings could apply to.

Mayor Dempsey said it is a concept which Council had been working towards and had recently had discussions with key stakeholders including the Childers Chamber of Commerce.

Childers Chamber of Commerce President Margaret Smith said the Chamber was ecstatic that Council was supporting an initiative that would assist in maintaining heritage buildings that define the iconic character of Childers.

“It is to everyone’s advantage to assist in the upkeep of buildings that have attained heritage or similar status and which currently must be maintained in accordance with strict protocols and at the owner’s expense,” Ms Smith said.

“Given the significant numbers of Childers heritage listed buildings it is our hope the new policy is rapidly available so property owners who may benefit from this support can quickly submit applications.”

Ms Smith said the Chamber was thrilled that the policy would have significant outcomes for Childers but also acknowledged its region-wide benefits.

Details of the heritage support fund will be developed by Council over coming months should the proposal be accepted as part of the adoption of its 2023-24 budget on 27 June.



  1. Great idea, and it’s been a long time coming. Get rid of the ugly advertising which covers these buildings, eg: Dimmeys etc. Smaller unobtrusive signage and heritage colours should be encouraged. Check the Bundaberg library’s early history images and get some ideas. There are some very nice Art Deco buildings in the CBD as well, which could be refurbished. That old car yard area in Burbong St. which had been painted white for some reason could be a starting point, as it is empty and not being used.

  2. Heritage Listings etc is a form of BULLYING by governments and should not be tolerated! IF governments want this then THEY should be buying buildings etc at market price and then THEY have control over them OR encourage owners by discounting rates by 50% in compensation. Why people in government have power, get paid heaps and have NO responsibility for their actions and are hypocrites!

  3. Pity they didn’t respect heritage and city building when they demolished the Anzac Pool and have left it as an eyesore on the cityscape!

  4. Dear Mayor Dempsey . I’m thrilled to hear of your plans to preserve the Heritage Main Street of Bundaberg.
    I worked at John Blacks in the early 60ies , saw the Wypers Fire and saw the Queen pass by Earl’s Court when my parents had the first shop there . My father constructed the mezzanine steel work at Rounds Arcade along with other steel works still standing today near the Railway Station . My Uncle Kevin Ballantyne served in the Bundaberg City Council and began the Bundaberg Drum Cor . I knew the famous Fairymead Sugar Plantation family , the Young Family and worked for the Mayor to be Allan Stewart .
    I left Bundaberg 60 years ago to create a successful Transport Company in Brisbane but my heart still belongs to Bundaberg.
    Congratulations on your long and very successful Mayorship .
    Bundaberg is in great hands .

  5. Pull it all down build new then protect the new heritage going forward. If you had started 50 odd years ago or more it would be make sense. All you are going to be doing is covering a turd with gold. The buildings are falling apart, rooted, flood damaged, made with asbestos, infested with vermin & mold. Practically ruined & beyond worth saving.

  6. A bit late to pretend that we care now dont you think.This council has been shambolic for years always will be.

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