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ParkSmart, illegal dumping a focus in budget

illegal parking budget
Health, Compliance and Enforcement portfolio spokesperson Cr May Mitchell.

A focus on parking in the CBD and illegal dumping has been highlighted in Bundaberg Regional Council's 2023-24 budget, with new innovations and continuing programs.

Council parking officers will be able to get on with their job in a much more safe and efficient manner through a six-month trial of a ParkSmart vehicle starting in July.

The advanced parking monitoring vehicle uses number plate recognition technology to improve the efficiency in monitoring parking behaviour.

The well signed ParkSmart car will be on the roads from July and will see parking officers behind the wheel instead of pounding the pavement.

Health, Compliance and Enforcement portfolio spokesperson Cr May Mitchell said two officers would utilise the vehicle at any one time.

“The vehicle is fitted with two high-speed cameras and a GPS tracking system and captures images of parked vehicles,” she said.

“ParkSmart aims to encourage people to stick to the designated parking times and move on time, this will create more parking spaces for others.

“Whether it's sunshine or rain, ParkSmart operates in all conditions.”

Cr Mitchell said 10 areas across the Bundaberg CBD and local school zones would be monitored with the ParkSmart vehicle as part of the trial.

She said the vehicle would be clearly marked and any photos that captured people would be automatically blurred.

“Many Councils have already implemented similar technology and Bundaberg Regional Council is keen to see how it can assist with our region,” she said.

Illegal dumping program to continue

The 2023-24 budget will also have a focus on illegal dumping, with Bundaberg Regional Council's illegal dumping program extended for another financial year.

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) funds two full-time officers to manage the hundreds of illegal dumping reports that come through to Council per annum.

Council funds the collection and disposal of dumped materials and has recently set up an illegal dumping trailer for quick response and removal of dumped materials.

Cr Mitchell said, on average, Council received 10 illegal dumping reports per week.

“That's roughly 520 reports a year, resulting in 198,000 litres of waste removed from our roads, parklands and more,” she said.

“Illegal dumping officers are dedicated to combatting a massive problem that is severely impacting our environment.”
An illegal dumping fine costs more than $2000.

Council issues a number of these fines each year.

“It is so much cheaper, and better for the environment to just take rubbish to the tip,” Cr Mitchell said.

Anyone wishing to report an illegal dumping incident can do so via Council’s Snap Send Solve app, by completing an online form or phoning Council on 1300 883 699.

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  1. Could rubbish bins be placed outside Salter Oval on Avoca Street when an event is held. So much rubbish left littering the ground after any sport event.

  2. Allow people a free dump day every year and have a curbside pickup once or twice a year.

  3. Wow..a park smart vehicle…a revenue raising vehicle in times of extreme financial stress and increased homelessness…and insufficient parking facilities for a growing CBD..plan better for example a multi level parking facility to minimise footprint and maximise benefit

  4. No ParkSmart if someone needs a park in the CBD they will move there car nearby this dose not free up a park. Don’t waste our money on stupidity. Use the money to improve public transport so more people don’t need parking. You will never have enough parks in our cramped badly designed CBD. To many tiny shops are shoved into a small radius.

    Scrap the illegal dump officers in favor of funding Curbside pickups.

  5. Stop removing waste facilities or reducing time frames for waste facilities and people might stop dumping illegally.

  6. if you dont want people to dump illegally then lower the fees and keep the existing dumps, why should people drive for over an hour and waste fuel by being forced to go to the central dumps

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